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You thought it was over... you thought you were safe...

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  • You thought it was over... you thought you were safe...

    from Murlocs!

    I assure you, you are not!

    Here are a few combat shots from Serpentshrine.

    This is us accidentally chain-pulling a Colossus in the middle of a Naga pack. The Naga packs are tough enough. What you can't see is we have two Broken mages sheeped on the bridge, they pop every 15 seconds or so and have random abilities, including an Arcane Bolt volley =(.

    The Colossus is like the AQ Anubisaths in that they have random abilities, one while alive, one while dead. The living abilities can be Atrophic Blow (ezmode), Parasites+Acid Geyser (suck, you have to gather on the base of the colossus inside the target circle and whoever he targets for Acid Geyser has to IMMEDIATELY run through, all while AOEing the parasites that hit for 3k), Spore Quake+Rampant Infection (this is the opposite of Parasite+Acid Geyser, you have to spread out.)

    On death, you can get 10 mini lurkers with 100k hp each, makes for good AOE tanking, 2 big lurkers with a random de-aggro, some healthy happy mushroom things that regen mana and health or... nothing.

    For this pull, we hit the lottery... this Colossus had no majorly bad abilities or we would have wiped all over the place. Oh, that Naga I'm tanking, that has a Corrupt Devotion Aura that reduces armor by 25%, makes tanking the colossus fun.

    However, the best is yet to come!

    Pulling up to Morogrim Tidewalker another night, you encounter MURLOCS. And not just any murlocs. MURLOCS THAT COME IN PACKS! 6 at a time you pull them, and you see that big grey one on the side? Yeah, it Frenzies. MURLOCS. WITH. FRENZY. Yes, you can Tranq shot them. Their damage multiplies a lot when they frenzy, they grow 3x their normal size, and they deaggro. Yikes. I get to AOE tank on the pull, and then the other tanks pull off the warriors to zerg down.

    Here's a nice ass shot of Tidewalker. Every 45 seconds during the fight he does an Earthquake for 4k damage and summons 12-14 murlocs. They each have 17k HP and have to be AOEd down, which means I get to AOE tank them all! This was with a strategy we ended up not using, but we've gotten the fight down now. Respawns on our last attempt at 40% last night killed us >:(

    Anyhow, just had to share my mutual love of the Murlocs with you all, gives you guys something to look forward to on our night of Thunderhorn being down!

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    Re: You thought it was over... you thought you were safe...

    NOOOOOO not the murlocs!!!!

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    You're a great friend but if we're ever chased by zombies I'm tripping you.




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