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  • Badge of Tenacity

    For those whom haven't seen it (Druids will be interested, Rogues, Hunters, possibly).

    Badge of Tenacity
    Binds when equipped.
    308 Armor
    Requires Level 70
    Use: Increase Agility by 150 for 20 sec.

    It's on a 2m cooldown and does NOT share CD's with Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch.

    Activate them both and Druids are looking at around a 60% Dodge Rate (Provided you have a base dodge rate of 30% or so).

    Translates to 1694 Armor in Bearform (3/3 Thick Hide). From a Trinket Slot. Bye bye SHotM :)
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    Re: Badge of Tenacity

    Wowhead finally has a link:


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      Re: Badge of Tenacity

      Very cool. See this comment -- if anyone working Ogri'la rep gets the BoE [item]Depleted Badge[/item] drop, save it for your favorite druid tank.

      From wowhead comments:
      To acquire this item you need to kill lots of mobs in Ogri'La for a random drop of a Depleted Badge. It is a very rare drop.

      When you finally get one, combine it with 50 Apexis Shards to create the trinket. By the time you get the Badge you will probably have well over 50 Shards...

      If you are unable to find the Badge on your own, visit the Auction House or ask around because both items are BoE, meaning this item can be traded!!!
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        Re: Badge of Tenacity

        I'll definitely be working on this...we were lacking a good trinket as Moroes' Watch was the only trinket of value unless we were lacking defense and needed the adamantite idol (a trinket really).




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