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  • Badge of Tenacity - Interesting information

    Taken from the Forums.

    I know somebody has posted a topic similar to this, and this is where I extracted it from. I followed the topic and followed some of the mini-guides there and it worked perfectly. I just thought I'd make this topic so all the druids out there can stop farming endlessly on the trash and just do this quest instead.

    After reaching honored with Orgi'la you get a quest to banish 15 demons. Complete this quest and you get a bag, and a chance to get a Dark Rune. This Dark Rune can be turned in to the NPC next to the quest-giver and he gives you a Crystalforged Dark Rune that you use near Shartuul's Transported slightly north.

    Upon doing this, you will take control of a Felguard demon and the event will begin.

    1st phase:

    As soon as you see a felhunter pop, Mortal Strike(MS) it. When an imp spawns, run a little closer and Charge, this will kill the imp and if you were close enough, the felhunters around you as well. When multiple felhunters spawn, whirlwind, then MS, and if there are any left, Fear. You will NOT need to use this guy's special ability, because it's useless anyway. Also make sure you keep using your hammer whenever it's on CD to destroy the shield.

    Boss: Just MS spam and when he starts to fel flames you, fear him, then charge him, and MS spam again. Rinse, repeat.

    2nd phase:

    This phase is the hardest and requires the most amount of skill. Boomerang the small guys, then hit them. If they start to summon a cannon, boomerang them. The small guys do little dmg, and the cannons do a lot. If a cannon spawns, jump him and hit. Use fel flames whenever there are 4 or more mobs. When a big guy spawns, focus your attacks on him. Kite a little, stun, hit. Essentially the main priority is to prevent small guys from spawning cannons. If they do, kill the cannon. Next in priority is killing the big guys. Oh, and at any chance you have, use Consume Essence on one of the small guys. You need to be away from melee range to do it but it's still manageable. Do this every 30sec and your life should not drop below 70%. You have to use all your skills to get through this, and after a certain time, the boss will spawn.

    Boss: What I did was his special ability immediately, which cleared all the remaining trash and took the bosses life down quite significantly. Upon landing I just kept boomeranging her, then hitting her, running away and jumping her, then hitting her. She was pretty much CC'd the entire time lol. Fel flames a little if you want; she's easy.

    3rd phase:

    You take control of the assassin now and you have an option to switch to either fire/frost/shadow 'auras'. In each aura you'll have 3 different abilities.

    3rd Boss:

    Stay in shadow aura initially. Keep siphon life up at all times and just spam shadowbolt. When he begins to cast his Death Ray or something, switch to Frost aura, and iceblock. After that, use the frost nova, and then switch back to shadow aura. Siphon life, shadowbolt. Rinse, repeat. Easy. You might want to keep in mind that he does some lightning things on the ground that seemed to stun me. So you might have to run out of it and shadowbolt kite as you kill him. Remember to ice block fast! The damage is insane to you.

    4th Boss:

    As soon as the 3rd boss dies, immediately switch to Fire aura. When the dog spawns, use Flame Buffet on him immediately, then run and pyroblast. As soon as Flame Buffet is up, use it again. Just keep running and pyroblasting. When he puts a debuff onto you, cleanse it with your 3rd spell. Continue the kiting/flame buffeting/pyroblasting/dispelling and it's a piece of cake.

    5th Boss:

    Once the Dog dies, switch back to Shadow aura and run up to the boss. As soon as he engages, do a shadow nova to clear the snake things around you, and then siphon life him. Just stand there and spam shadowbolt and shadow nova(whenever the cd is up). He will teleport away so just run back up to his face and shadow nova the adds away again. Siphon life, shadowbolt. Rinse, repeat. I spammed Chaos Strike(her special ability) a lot but it's really not necessary. This last fight lasts quite a while but if you keep siphon life up constantly you'll be at full health most of the time, right to the very end.

    When he died, I got returned to my body. I ran up, looted him, and got a depleted badge. :)

    Quite a relief after farming over 2000 shards on trash mobs. Hope this helps!


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    Re: Badge of Tenacity - Interesting information

    Sweet, I had only gotten to the third boss so far.




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