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Next Mix-It-Up (MIU) Week: June 19-25

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  • Next Mix-It-Up (MIU) Week: June 19-25

    The title says it all!

    We'll be posting raids on the raid sign-up site, prior to the MIU week. I'm not sure if we've decided how exactly we're going to set up the groups, be it with keeping 6-7 members of each squad together and filling the rest with new people or other squad's members, or with our past method of totally random groups. I think we're strongly leaning towards the former, but I'll let you guys know the plan when it's decided.

    In the meantime, feel free to post your opinion on the matter. I know we've already had some discussion in other threads, but yeah... feel free.

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    Re: Next Mix-It-Up (MIU) Week: June 19-25

    WTG GAVIIN!!!!!!!!!



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      Re: Next Mix-It-Up (MIU) Week: June 19-25

      I'm volunteering to go with either of the two new squads if we do it that way.
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        Re: Next Mix-It-Up (MIU) Week: June 19-25

        To frame the two approaches we are considering for the next MIU week, consider the following:

        Approach #1 will post raids on the signup site with open signup. The raid leader(s) will run the raids after some adjusting for balance. This is open to all comers, whether you are squadded or not.

        Approach #2 keeps more of the existing squad setup with a swap of 4 or so existing players from one squad to a different squad. The idea here is that the more experienced squads would pair up with the less experienced so that the less experienced could gain insight as to how the others have "solved" the encounter puzzles. This would emphasize knowledge transfer to help everyone with progression, doesn't address the interest of those not in squads as well. One way to deal with this could be to "hold" 1 or 2 slots for non-squadded players...but this might keep some squadded players on the bench.

        For my part, I'm interested in supporting our goals for MIU weeks:
        1. We are ALL one guild, despite having squads.
        2. We want any players who are interested to have a shot at seeing the raid content available (and the loot from them!).
        3. We want to see knowledge of the raid instances be readily known by all.

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          Re: Next Mix-It-Up (MIU) Week: June 19-25

          Run 2 raids with 'open' sign ups, 5 slots for unsquadded people (assuming there is enough interest) in each raid to try and balance the experience equation and 2 'squad exchange' raids... 4 members from each squad rotate... sorry if I'm coming in late... this is my Friday...
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            Re: Next Mix-It-Up (MIU) Week: June 19-25

            What we are going to do is have MIU on Wed and Jun 20-21. We will leave the following Monday open for those raids that wish to run a third night. We will plan for 2-3 raids and encourage any and all that are Karazhan keyed to sign up. We emphasize that we want any that aren't squadded up to also sign up. This wasn't designed just for squads.

            Please check the Raid Site to sign up. All players will be placed in the Queue until 2-3 days prior to the day of the raid.

            We will be maintaining the structure of certain squads as much as possible, which means that if all four squads show with high numbers, we'll run 4 raids. If not, we'll run 3 and figure the best possible mix to switch in and out only a couple members of each squad so that squads can see how each other run and any un-squadded people get a good look at what squads have to offer.


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              Re: Next Mix-It-Up (MIU) Week: June 19-25

              New thread started now that we have the date locked down.




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