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Cocidius Squad needs healer and tank

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  • Cocidius Squad needs healer and tank

    Our squad is now just in need of one more healer and one more tank and we should be able to regularly fill our raids.

    PM me or Saxen and we will get you started up with the squad. Check out our forum at or if you are unsquadded and want to run with us sometime, sign up in our queue on the raid website at


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    Re: Cocidius Squad needs healer and tank

    Any new applicants for Cocidius?

    Is this thing on?

    Mic check...


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      Re: Cocidius Squad needs healer and tank

      Our newest applicants have been Bluehorse(rogue) and Leonnald(mage)!

      I have cleaned up the squad roster to put some people on reserves and give a more accurate description of what we are lacking. So far 8 people are keyed squad members who regularly attend the raids. Several are on reserves due to scheduling issues. We do not have any healers or off-healers who are regular attendees.

      Our raid signups are improving but we still are consistently not having any healers sign up on the raid site and when pulls are supposed to start we still are having to scramble to fill a couple spots from outside the guild; usually for a healer or two, sometimes for an off-tank as well.

      Last night we one shotted Attumen. We are going back to take on Moroes tonight. Our squad members are getting better gear and skills. There is a core of about 6 to 7 of us who usually sign up and show for the raids. Healers are our main missing component still. We could easily accomodate 2 to 3 more healers in the squad and one more tank.

      Our raids are Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 8pm server time.
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