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70 dps warrior ..arms/fury 31 30 application

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  • 70 dps warrior ..arms/fury 31 30 application

    1.) Main Character Info:
    Name: Morthrain
    Level/Class: 70/Warrior
    Talent Spec: 31 arms. 30 fury build here.
    Professions: First aid/fishing
    2.) What alternate characters will you want also guilded with TG? (Name/level/class) none so far

    3.) Have you read and agreed to the Tactical Gamer Guild Creed and Values thread? yes i did

    4.) About You:
    How old are you? 17
    What gender are you? Male
    What time zone are you in? Central
    What have you enjoyed most about WoW and your characters? i love being in wow and raiding . its a very fun experience. i love being a 2h dps warrior to . i really knock the crap out of people
    How long have you played? 1yr and a half
    How often do you play? as often as i can. almost all day on weekends. and alot of week days
    What times do you usually play? nites/mid day
    Cable, DSL, or dialup? dsl
    Do you have the Burning Crusade Expansion installed? yes
    5.) Discovering Tactical Gamer:
    How did you hear about Tactical Gamer? a party member i had doing bot.
    If you were recruited, who recruited you? not recruited yet
    What are you looking to find in Tactical Gamer? a fun but serious environment on raiding. i love the fact u guys have sets of 15 toons together as a team
    6.) Supporting Member Status:
    Are you a Supporting Member of Tactical Gamer? nope
    For more information on becoming a Supporting Member please see this thread.
    7.) Previous Guilds:
    Which guild(s) have you been with, and what did you not like about that experience? (This is not a place to slander previous guilds. Be kind in your words.) Ive been in sacrificial blood. (they really didnt raid much so i left). i have been in Ancient legions ( they left the server) Blades of honor. (the guild broke up ) mayhem ( they dont like dps warriors raiding in kara )
    8.) Do you have the Required mods?yes
    Teamspeak installed and in working order: no i have vent but can get ts in a instant
    Microphone for TS (optional):
    CT_RaidAssist, Ora2, XPerl or similar Raid Assistance Mod: yes
    KLH Threatmeter: yes
    9.) For those who are level 60+, please answer the following questions:
    End game experience:
    How much raiding are you looking to do? ALOT!!!
    Please list your status on any incomplete Attunements.
    What Reputations are you working on other than the required ones for Heroic Mode Keys (Aldor/Scryer, Consortium, Sporregar, Brood of Nozdormu, etc…)
    10.) For those who are level 68+, please answer the following questions:
    Are you keyed for Karazhan? yes
    Please also post to the Karazhan Status thread after completing this thread and acceptance to the guild.

    iam looking forward to joining Tactical gamer !!! hopefully ill c u soon :)

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    Re: 70 dps warrior ..arms/fury 31 30 application

    Your best bet is to post this down in the WOW forums, as they never leave the cave and it probably wont get seen by them

    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: 70 dps warrior ..arms/fury 31 30 application

      Originally posted by Trooper View Post
      Your best bet is to post this down in the WOW forums, as they never leave the cave and it probably wont get seen by them

      quoted for absolute and unadulterated truth. wow=crack.


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        Re: 70 dps warrior ..arms/fury 31 30 application

        Applications for joining TG's WoW guild should be posted in the WoW forums, General Discussion - Applications Thread.

        Anywhere else is...not helpful...:)


        1. OK, so this has been moved to the WoW forums...but still not in the appropriate thread.
        2. Morthrain, one of our guild membership requirements is a minimum age of 18. According to your application, you are below the minimum age.
        3. Thread is closed. Application copied to appropriate thread by Beep.
        Last edited by beep; 07-26-2007, 01:30 PM.

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