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Enchant Bracers- Restore Mana Prime

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  • Enchant Bracers- Restore Mana Prime

    ok so im a noob i guess and apparently restore mana prime (6 mana per 5) to bracers is a hard to get enchant and i have it... so look me up if u need it, i was informed how much of a noob i am for not knowing it was worth as much as it was LOL i thought i had it from a trainer and forgot i got it from killin something well i can do it!
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    Re: Enchant Bracers- Restore Mana Prime

    My enya needs this what mats does it take?
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      Re: Enchant Bracers- Restore Mana Prime

      8 Greater Eternal Essence

      Mirra can do it as well as Vitality to boots which is 4 mana/5 and 4 hp/5. Mats are:

      6 Arcane Dust
      4 Major Healing Potion
      4 Major Mana Potion

      All guildies get enchants for free. Appreciate it if you supply mats as well, but I can cover most lacks with my surplus. Tips and donations appreciated, but never required or expected. ;)
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        Re: Enchant Bracers- Restore Mana Prime

        Xyris, this should go in the Rare Crafting List sticky at the top of this forum




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