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  • Switching Mains

    Yeap Ricca has decided that considering we have so many rogues that it was best for the guild to make her restro druid her main now..I will NOT be retiring Ricca but she just wont be raiding anymore..If you want any boxes opened or potions made she is still here just let me know..
    Candrice 63 Warrior
    Ricca 70 Rogue
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    Enya 74 Druid

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    Re: Switching Mains

    Woot resto Drood ftw!

    Silchar (70 Retribution Paladin)
    Lightshow (70 Holy Priest)
    Wetstone (70 Marksman Hunter)

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      Re: Switching Mains

      Gah..why anyone would switch their main is beyond me. Especially this stage of the game at level 70.

      Oh. Wait. (looks down at the sig box again) Never mind.

      Welcome to the funny pages Enya! Great choice :)

      Luv ya hun!

      Level 80 Warrior
      Level 74 Priest


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        Re: Switching Mains

        I still kinda miss Candrice.... when I'm talking about the good ol' days thats who I always think of :)


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          Re: Switching Mains

          Welcome to the world of healing, the 2nd sometimes hardest position in a raid :), good luck Ricca, and if you need any healing advice, feel free to ask :)
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          70 Draenei Shaman-Tianora(Elemental)
          70 Draenei Shaman-Fayrel(Restoration)
          50 Undead Priest-Eikyl(Shadow)


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            Re: Switching Mains

            Whewt! You have my admiration. I can heal five mans and ten mans, but having to watch a large raids health usually drove me batty.

            Never question the sanity of someone with the ability to spam moonfire.


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              Re: Switching Mains

              Everyone knows healers are all super beastmaster hunters in disguise. You get 4 pets to tank and do damage for you and they do it automatically.
              My sanity is not in question...
              It was a confirmed casualty some time ago.

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                Re: Switching Mains

                Yeah but healers can't recall their pets when they misbehave...
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                  Re: Switching Mains

                  Originally posted by Centurien View Post
                  Yeah but healers can't recall their pets when they misbehave...
                  You can heal a different pet instead... not that any healer I know would let someone die on purpose... ;)
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                    Re: Switching Mains

                    *whistles innocently*
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