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  • MIA for raids

    We had two disappointments with our posted Gruul's Lair raids this weekend.

    On Friday, we had (for various reasons) a shortage of signups which meant we had to cancel the raid. On Sunday, we had several folks who had signed up but didn't show up. They've done their mea culpas with explanations.

    I'm writing about this for several reasons.

    1. As frustrating as it may be, I think the RL made the right call to cancel in each case.
    2. When we sign up for a raid, we each need to make a best effort to be present and be on time. Others are counting on you! I'm not "aiming" at anyone with this comment, but rather trying to encourage self-management that produces reliable attendance when promised. We can cope with one or perhaps even two no shows (most of the time), but 3 or more is, as we have seen, fatal.
    3. Our commitment to raiding is still clear. We will move ahead and we will, as needed, recruit or "bootstrap" others to readiness for raiding to have sufficient numbers. We've had some raid-ready players who have moved away from TG for various reasons (e.g. Valik, Manny, Jedril). We can and will replace them. I share your frustration over canceled raids, but I'm not discouraged. This is a long-term commitment of our guild...and we will be successful with it. We have the officer support. We have the raid leadership. We have players who have the experience, the playing ability and the gear.
    4. We will make adjustments as needed to be successful. It's taken us 7 months (since the expansion) to reach this point. If it takes a bit more time to make this work, it's not a big deal in the greater scheme of things. I don't want us to lose heart while we adjust to putting successful raids together.
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    Re: MIA for raids

    Excellent, well said post, Beep.

    I am 100% behind everything Beep stated above. This will pass, as long as our committment and our goals stay on target. We are depending on each of you to be responsible and follow through on the committment you made when joining the 25 man team. This will lead to our success.

    I have to say, all of the no-shows were disheartening. I will let it slide this time, as nearly everyone who didn't show up has apologized publically. I thank you guys for that. In the future, I do not expect to need to address this issue again. If this becomes a regular occurrance, we will adjust the 25 man squad team to replace those who do not show up. Hopefully that won't need to happen, and this will be an isolated incident.

    That said, this week's Gruul's runs are posted on the sign up site. Please sign up and be prepared, so we can put this past week behind us.


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      Re: MIA for raids

      I think MIA (Missing In Action) would be for people who were present then vanished.

      AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) makes more sense. ^_^

      Also, don't mind me. I'm pulling double shifts at work and I'm lucky if I can look at the icon on my desktop let alone actually play at the moment.
      My sanity is not in question...
      It was a confirmed casualty some time ago.

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        Re: MIA for raids

        I'm sorry guys, I don't mean to sign up for raids and not make them. Fridays and Saturdays are VERY hard because I can only see her on the weekends, and I prefer not to raid during the little time we have together. I HATE, absolutely HATE missing raids. However, Real Life is my first priority now. Such as Work, Girl Friend and Family. I WILL do my best to make the raids but please understand if I can't.

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