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25 Man Raids Next Week- Schedule Change

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  • 25 Man Raids Next Week- Schedule Change

    First off, thank you to the squad leaders and the squads who are adjusting their schedule next week to accomodate this experiment.

    Next week, to see if we get better attendance running during the week, we are going to be running on Tuesday and Thursday in Gruul's. Those who are on the eligible list, please get signed up asap (and even if you can't make it, please sign up and cancel so we know where we stand).

    To those who aren't currently on the eligible list with the platoon, if you are interested in 25 man raiding, please be on and available around raid times for the 25 mans. Based on any holes we have, we are going to pull some people in to make the raids happen, both this weekend and going forward.

    If you are interested:
    1) Make sure you have studied the fights (WowWiki is great), understand the basics of what is going to happen, and have Pots/Flasks/Reagents/etc ready to go before....
    2) You contact me when you get online to express your interest. I will be keeping a list and based on roles needed Gaviin and I will pull people in.

    Thank you for your patience as we try to get all this up and running. We are making adjustments as necessary, and we really appreciate everyone's flexibility as we work through this.

    Thanks guys!
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    Re: 25 Man Raids Next Week- Schedule Change

    I just wanted to say thanks to the officers for being pro-active on this. I know that there's been issues in the past with ideas being very slow to be implemented and I'm happy to see us just up and try something.

    On another note, I've personally been a little frustrated with a few of the defections recently. I don't want to get into individual's reasonings but overall it makes things more difficult when experienced raiders up and leave. At the same time I'm noticing other experienced players come in and take on an active role in our 10 mans as well as our 25 mans. I'm looking foward to getting to know our new members and helping make this home.

    There is no reason we can't do anything in this game if we put in solid effort. Everyone knows that progression through this content requires more dedication to the other players we stand side-to-side with. Of course there will always be vactions, sicknesses, spouse-aggro, work and other numerous things that should always take precedent over this game. But as a group we can overcome this. If people really want to move on and see the things this game has to offer we need to help pick each other up when someone is unavailable, come prepared, and be ready when called on to step-in.

    We have to realize that people will sometimes leave, accept it, and move on. At the same time we have to commit ourselves to each other and to the larger group.

    Sorry if I got off topic here - once again, thanks to all the squad leaders and officers for being flexible. Let's get in there and kick that Gronn in the nits.
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      Re: 25 Man Raids Next Week- Schedule Change

      I'll throw in my 2 coppers as well to pick up on Pistos' thoughts...

      The guild leaders are committed to making our raiding successful...while trying to keep a balance with the TG traditions of being welcoming and inclusive. Thanks to our RL's for taking the lead on this.

      You can see adjustments for the 25 man raiding platoon next week...(schedule change & filling in as needed). Longer term, we will recruit as needed if we don't get signups from reasonably qualified players. We want to make progress and see more of the higher level content BEFORE the next expansion.:)

      We don't promise to be perfect, but we do promise to give it our best shot!!!
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        Re: 25 Man Raids Next Week- Schedule Change

        Unfortunately, it looks like Blizzard is hosing our hopes for a Tuesday night raid on Gruul. Thunderhorn is undergoing a 48-hour extended maintenance beginning Monday at midnight. :( :( :(

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