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    We need someone to assume the role of Recruiting Officer. There is no formal job description (yet), but the duties will include:

    1. Coordination with SLs and RLs for recruiting needs
    2. Posting ("advertising") in guild and Blizz forums to invite applicants in the desired classes/specs
    3. Taking the lead in dealing with new applicants to resolve their applications.
    4. Matchmaking to connect new applicants/members with appropriate SL and/or RL for raiding interest
    5. Working with guild leadership to have a clear recruiting "wish list" and policy
    6. Inviting in-game interest in TG...recruiting channel, etc.

    The "right" person:
    • will be able to write about TG and our raiding activities to communicate our posture and progress.
    • will be a self-starter who can keep everyone informed, who knows when to ask for help or permission, and who will represent us well to the WoW world at large.
    • will exhibit good "people skills".
    • will make this job a priority.

    This is a an important position that will have a significant impact on our future well-being as a guild. If you consider yourself "officer material" and are interested, please send a PM to Beep. (This is a role that could be shared, but I'd prefer one person).

    Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. - (Isaac Asimov)



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