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Restructuring the Officer Corps

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  • Restructuring the Officer Corps

    One of the changes that has recently taken place is that we have restructured (and reduced) the officer corps of the guild. As part of that process, some of our officers have stepped down from their positions, and we would like to take a moment to personally address each of the officer alumni, to whom we owe a great deal of thanks. Inquiring minds will want to know why this has occurred, and the short answer is that we have decided that officer status requires specific job responsibilities rather than more generalized and undefined roles in guild administration. We may change our minds about this in the future, but for now we don’t see the need for the “overhead” of an extended officer group. In general, the "new" officer structure is as follows:
    • High Council (Beep, Luna, Orion/Talara and Ricca)
    • Squad Leaders (Gaviin, Sajier, Jest, Gaze)
    • Recruiting Officer (vacant)
    • Guild Liaison Officer (vacant but discussing with Mirada)

    We are fortunate to have had such stalwarts in our officer ranks and owe them our gratitude and this brief (and inadequate) recognition. We have also warned them that their “vacation” may be brief as we continue to consider what the guild needs for the future. So…in no particular order…

    You have always been a positive influence on the guild at large and have stuck with us through some really dicey times, including your husband moving on to greener pastures. You were an excellent warlock class leader as any of the warlocks in TG can attest to. You have been attentive and helpful to all you have come in contact with, and that positive influence on the guild has been a hallmark of your time as officer. We thank you!

    From the moment you joined the guild you have been upbeat and a sincere pleasure to work with. Your contributions as the druid class officer as well as your involvement in expanding the guild when the Velvet Blades were looking for a home laid the foundation for the success of the guild we know today. You have consistently been a source of fun and common sense. We thank you!

    You stepped up to help in Mage class leadership when we had a vacuum there and provided the steady hand that kept your class and your guild moving forward. You’ve been a willing and helpful member who was always ready to join other guildies to reach our game goals. We thank you!

    You’ve helped us out with feedback, ideas and surveys!! In fact, we may even keep you around in a more structured and formal “Guild Liaison” officer role to continue these efforts going forward. (Seriously, Mirada is in dialogue with us about how to move this “concept” into reality. More to come!) You’ve been an instance run organizer throughout the expansion, ready to help or to create more opportunities for rep and loot! We thank you!
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    Re: Restructuring the Officer Corps

    *cheers Jan, Ili, Doom, and Mirada*
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      Re: Restructuring the Officer Corps a way it looks like they got downsized.

      Kudos to Jan, Ili, Doom, and Mirada for all they have done for the guild past, present, and future in their tenure as officers. Know that although you may no longer hold the title...for now...we'll still ruthlessly make fun of you anyways. ^_^
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        Re: Restructuring the Officer Corps

        i havent ben her for too long but just seeing the name officer when i logged in always seemed to me that there was a friend when i needed one :P, itll be just as nice to see regular members that i can now look upon! nah j/k but seriously thanks guys, i hope this new thing works for the best!
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          Re: Restructuring the Officer Corps

          I will say's been a helluva ride. From the night I opened my big fat mouth to Luna about who to refer possible warlock recruits to (since she was subbing at the time) to practically shelving Jandreyn in favor of the knuckle thumper in the Burning Crusade, I have gotten to see just how much blood, sweat and tears go into keeping the guild moving forward. Things may not go as quickly as some may wish...but we are doing it TOGETHER. And that is the most important part of the game for me.

          So, whether you see "officer" or "pain in the @$$" next to Shara/Jan/Zel's name, it's all the same. :) It's not like I can keep my yap shut if I have an opinion anyway.

          Thank you for the opportunity to do what I could.

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            Re: Restructuring the Officer Corps

            You guys are gonna make me cry!

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              Re: Restructuring the Officer Corps

              For everyone that keeps sending me /tells... the role is still being defined for the Guild Liaison Officer position... when it's done, I (or someone better) will fill the roll...

              So no, i did not quit the officers and i'm behind this re-structureing 100%... don't panic! :row__572:

              This is all good stuff... :row__593:
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                Re: Restructuring the Officer Corps

                Thanks everyone including those still acting a officers. I have always thought you have always done an awesome job.

                Soooo Jandreyns Single huh......................

                how do ya feel about short hairy men? Ya know once you've gone dwarf.....well you know the rest. ;)
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                  Re: Restructuring the Officer Corps

                  LOL...single now? More like unemployed. :)

                  As far as short hairy men go...ask my Italian hubby:row__687:

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