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  • Farewell...

    A some of you may know, I will no longer be playing WoW. This has nothing to do with TG, or any of the recent problems amongst some of the squads, it is a personal decision designed to give me more time with my family and other obligations, and has been a long time coming.

    I've been a TG'er since b4 I ever played WoW, playing BF2 on TG servers for a long time as StoneColdKiller. I brought up all my WoW toons inside the TG family, and I will miss being a part of this guild, but I will continue to consider myself a TG'er now that I'm done. I may or may not end up trying some of the other games supported here at TG, but you are likely to find me skulking around the forums on occasion!

    Ricca is gonna be hanging onto my account for a while, I think she is gonna let her daughter play one of my toons, so if you see one around, please be nice! If anyone wants to adopt whichever toons are not being used by Ricca, and it is technically possible to do so, please feel free.

    Good luck to all!


    Dreadd - 70 NE Druid
    Mordreadd - 70 Human Mage
    Mildreadd- 70 Gnome Rogue
    Aldreadd - 51 Draenei Shammy
    Dreaddnaught - 40 Dwarf Hunter
    Dreaddloxx - 43 Undead Warlock (Not TG material, lol)

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    Re: Farewell...

    Well take care Dreadd and sorry to see you go. I hope all goes well and look forward to seeing your posts on the forums still....

    Take care man
    Anastacea - 70 Priest
    Hion - 70 Rogue (PVP)
    Caeden - 70 Mage (PVP)

    Nast - 75 Priest of Mitra
    Hion - 6 Assassin

    "10 Mana Pots - 100g, Flask of Mighty Restoration - 25g, repair bill - 23g...coming to a raid with the Dickens in mind...PRICELESS!!!"

    "Feel my radiance, you start to see my smites, let my holy damage go!!!"


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      Re: Farewell...

      Take care Dreadd, Your account will be here if you decide to come back.
      Candrice 63 Warrior
      Ricca 70 Rogue
      Machelle 70 Mage
      Enya 74 Druid


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        Re: Farewell...

        Dreadd, it's been fun my dear. Glad we had the chance to run with you over the weekend. Stay in touch.

        Level 80 Warrior
        Level 74 Priest


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          Re: Farewell...

          Dreadd, troll the forums...or I'll lop that moonkin tail off of you.


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            Re: Farewell...

            We'll miss you, but we support your doing what needs to be done. You'll be welcome around the house anytime! (Wipe your!:))

            Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. - (Isaac Asimov)


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              Re: Farewell...

              Best of luck to you, Dreadd! I've always enjoyed playing with you. Please stop by and visit sometimes. You're always welcome here should your time allow us your company.


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                Re: Farewell...

                Awe Dreadd, /wave!!!

                Enjoy your time away, and drop by so we know what is going on with you!


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                  Re: Farewell...

                  Thanks for the good thoughts! I appreciate it!


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                    Re: Farewell...

                    Dreadd you've been a great guy to have you around. Enjoy your family & RL. It takes a strong person to make a decision like this because we all know how addictive wow can be =). I gope our paths may cross again someday. Fare the well.





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