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Sig troubles again

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  • Sig troubles again

    Is anyone else having trouble getting their sig from mmo-champion to show up? I tried to update mine and get an error message now when I try to save it.

    "The following errors occurred when this message was submitted:

    1. BB code url is not allowed."

    I'm using the img tags with

    Being the noob I am I tried all 3 of the links with and without tags. So what am I doing wrong?? I would appreciate any help I can get pls.

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    Re: Sig troubles again

    Lol i got it to work.

    [img][/[email protected]]

    Just remove the @ in the end /img tag, and put it in the big white box.
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      Re: Sig troubles again

      They gave me the wrong BBcode last time I tried. Look at the box just above and view it or right click their "preview" pic for a direct link. Then edit your Sig as norm.


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        Re: Sig troubles again

        i gotta get me one of those, hehe




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