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A sad light has finally shown... ;/

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  • A sad light has finally shown... ;/

    *sigh* The time has come for me to put my lightning bolts and magical tomes to rest. I had to admit to myself that this game is a fun little obsession of mine as it allows me to delve deep into the world of myths and magic that I have always dreamed of exploring. Having met some extreamly fun people to explore with has been possibly the greatest perk of playing this game.

    As most of the defiant members have noticed I have been having some troubles trying to get my head into the game and for some time now I havn't even logged on. This is due to the fact that my life is very unstable at the moment. Currently I don't have the money for rent, car insurance, cable, electric, or even food. Reality is hitting me like a 100 mph semi truck out of control. While world of warcraft isn't the main reason for me not having the money or discipline to get my life together and get going on some jobs, it certaintly isn't helping either by invading my thoughts every 10 minutes thinking about how fast my lightning bolt would be with heroism and the spell time reduction meta gem in my head >.> ... So this is my biggest sacrifice I have to make to give me the extra nudge to get serious with my life.

    I have every intention of coming back to the world of warcraft when I finaly become financial stable, however as I'm currently living about 3miles from flint Michigan(jobs are scarce here if you didn't know ;P "Flint Michigan currently has the highest unemployment rate of the nation"), I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    GOD, I'm going to miss the endless rantings of my nooishness and Gaviin screaming over the coms praying to all things holy and dark alike for nobody to move during flame wreath :). Or my endless endless endless endless ect... rantings with Dryne about the arts of spell casting :P It's going to truly suck when the next patch comes out with the new 10 man and I wont be there opening night, though I trust all of you TG'rs to kick it's arse into legends.

    A special shout out goes to Luna, Tarenth, Giaghoast, TROW, Max, Manaise, P istos, Viohaultenshammyhealingthingy, Bay, Shiro(huntard4life), >M<uric, Gollaen(omfg are we every going to get through a whole instance? holy crap man >.<... ps: Gollaen is one HECK of a warlock. He doesn't have the most awesome of all gear >yet< but havn't seen such a good raiding/group warlock in my wowlifetime.), and so many others that I'll probably keep coming back just to update this post :P

    TG rocksspreadtheword!

    Welp I'd try to keep in touch with the forms, but I'm gonna try to stay away at the same time as it will only tempt me with wowdom :).

    [email protected]
    Keep me updated if your bored :P

    StarGazur ~ Lightning Chucker
    StarRocket ~ Masta Caster

    *hug* <(^_^)> *hug*

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    Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

    Star, you know we support you in doing what you gotta do! We'll miss you, but know you have a home with us when it is right for you to be back in game.

    Best of luck to you!

    Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. - (Isaac Asimov)


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      Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/


      I'm gonna miss you, Star. I hope you get everything sorted out quickly and make it back to us, but if it takes a little longer, then so be it. The important thing is that you get back on solid ground. You better keep checking the forums though, nub! Let us know how you're doing.

      Defiant won't be the same without you and your Kirby attacks. :-) Oh, and by the way...

      )''')(',,,')('''( RAWRRRR!!!!!!

      Take care, Star.
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        Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

        Hey Star... sad to see you go. I know I havent been around much either lately, but I'll never truly be AFK from WoW. Kind of a bummer you wont be around if/when I do logon.

        I remember when you first joined TG and helping you get settled in. Good times (even though you ninjaed all the loot I wanted - you bastard!) j/k :)

        I noticed you said you lived near Flint (Michael Moore's hometown for those who dont know). I was watching a news program that I believe was focused in the Michigan area. It had to do with a new statewide legislation to help combat Corps. that move overseas (the main reason why Flint is suffering). Basically, it involves the govt. subsidizing expensive high level training for people and giving perks to the corps. that hire them. Supposedly, it's been pretty successful. These are generally tech-oriented jobs that get handed out to H1B Visa-holders from Asia normally; well, they want Americans to have those jobs... that's why they did this.

        I'm sure it's a bit more complex then this but it gained notoriety because it's the only state taking matters into their own hands, since the federal govt. wont do anything about it.

        If you're stuck in a rut maybe it's something you could look into. I wish I could remember the name of the program. Keep your chin up dude! :)

        here it is (found it, i think):,1607,...2181--,00.html

        sorry for puttin this out there for everyone to see, but I've seen a lot of TGers have similar issues. It's not something that's really private; it's something all americans share in common IMO


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          Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

          You will be missed greatly man! But everyone here knows that you're doing the right thing by taking a step back and getting RL in order. Take care of yourself!!

          I wish you the best of luck with everything and look forward to seeing you again whenever that time comes. :)
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            Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

            RL first, everything else second. We will see you once things are calmer and look forward to it!

            Talk to you then Star.
            Sajaman/|TG-Irr|Sajier - WoW Resto Shaman, BF2/BF2142 Assault/Medic

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              Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

              Star, get your life sorted out and WHEN you come back we will run several full instances. Untill then, goodluck man! =)

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                Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

                nooooo starrr!


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                  Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

                  But who will do the Kirby Dance for me when I'm bored?!

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                  You're a great friend but if we're ever chased by zombies I'm tripping you.


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                    Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

                    Best of luck to you Star.

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                      Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

                      Good Luck, Star.

                      If you happen to want to move to Canada and get a green card, I'll help you get a job :D

                      you can have mine. it pays well, and you hardly notice the endless assault of drunken idiots calling you.

                      I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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                        Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

                        get your real life sorted out man...i hope to see you in the game sometime soon..but only after you take care of what you need to do. you'll be missed.

                        P.S. don't worry about iliana...she begs for attention =P


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                          Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

                          <.< >.> /tear <.< >.> /wipes face quickly

                          See you soon "nub"gazur
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                            Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

                            Doh, I just found out last night to "read the forumns" hard times are understandable man--i wish you the best of luck man, get back out there--tackle what needs to be done, get yourself settled and financially stabled--i hope you can get a job soon too, sounds rough out there in michigan. Well gonna miss crackin on you haha, good times with you--lets get those leggings you wanted when ya get back aye?
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                              Re: A sad light has finaly shown... ;/

                              Wow, I remember the night that we were in Molten Core and you and I were talking about you possibly coming to TG. I wonder if you remember, too.

                              Anyway, I had to take about a 6 month WoW hiatus to get my life sorted out and have a baby, and while my life still isn't completely sorted out, it is enough to be able to play again. I spent from December of 2005 to July of 2006 living in my parent's house with no job at 21 years old and spending at least 8-12 hours a day playing WoW. I used to do 4 hour sleep-play shifts and would cycle between playing and sleeping every 4 hours. Let me tell you, as fun as it may sound to play all the time and have "no responsibilities", I feel much better now that my life is in order and I'm at least making some (not enough, but some) money.

                              It doesn't take long. You'll be back (and happier about it) in no time.

                              Best of luck to you, I hope you get a great job and find what you are looking for.




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