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State of the Guild: Squads, 25-mans, and the future

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  • State of the Guild: Squads, 25-mans, and the future

    Where we stand
    As most of you already know, Resurgent has been making solid progress through the 25-man content. Gruul and Magtheridon are fairly close to farm status, and we'll be heading into Serpentshrine Cavern this week, with The Eye following closely behind.

    While things can always happen faster, we've undoubtedly bucked the pre-BC trend of TG not being able to display consistent raiding performance. Gone are the days of downing the Broodlord one week and not being able to get past Razorgore the next. We are now taking the experiences and lessons of each week and moving forward with them, not letting them be lost each week and having to start from zero. I believe that our commitment to the squad-based approach is largely responsible for this.

    Outside of the 25-man realm, we're still hoping to see Cocidius and possibly another squad up and running consistently and accomplishing what they want to accomplish in Karazhan. This has proven to be a somewhat difficult task with some people not showing the commitment or ability to commit to those squad runs. The officers will continue to work with the squad leaders to see what can be done to improve the situation. In the meantime, for any guild member who wants to join a squad, please be sure to get in contact directly with that squad leader and let your intentions be known.

    The squad-based approach
    To reiterate, Resurgent is made up of a relatively set group of people who have expressed the desire and shown the drive, commitment and skill that is necessary for end-game raiding. At the same time, due mainly to the reality that real life can sometimes come before WoW (the horror), we do leave the possibility open of non-platoon members getting shots at coming along. We are in a state of constant evaluation, and, if certain situations arise, fill-ins can quickly become permanent platoon members. As well, class balance needs can lead to opportunities for new people to show their stuff. That being said, we are currently at a fairly stable point, and we do prefer to keep changes to a minimum, as that helps us achieve the consistency that can be so difficult to find.

    And for those who don't know, Sajier and I are the squad leaders of Resurgent. Any questions or comments in this regard should be directed to one or both of us.

    What's in store
    With a new 10-man instance on the horizon (Zul'Aman), there have been some questions regarding how the old Karazhan squads will fit into the 25-man picture. While we haven't come to a final conclusion on that, my personal opinion is that we can either work ZA around our current three day per week 25-man schedule, or we can scale the 25-man schedule back down to two days. Either way, I feel that the 10-man squads should remain in place.

    The bottom line is, those squads remain free to do what they choose. If the squad leader wants to add a class or two, s/he is free to do so. If s/he needs help finding that class, Hion will exercise his 1337 recruiting skillz and assist. If a squad member wishes to try out a different squad, s/he is free to do so. If The theme here being that people are free to do what they want. Our squad system succeeds when there is solid leadership, as well as drive and commitment from all squad members. The officers are here to provide support when needed, but it's expected that each SL will take ownership and do what it takes to succeed. If squad members aren't signing up for raids or showing up or exhibiting the necessary skill, it's up to the SL to make the choices that will correct the situation.

    In terms of the future of Resurgent, I can only hope that we continue our great progress as a group, and find ourselves face to face with Illidan (the big bad demon guy, not Sajier's squad) at some point. It's a lofty goal, but if we keep our focus and performance high, I see no reason why we can't achieve it. :)

    A quick note
    As I mentioned, the officers are here to support the guild, and that goes for everyone, not just squad leaders. If anyone has a suggestion, complaint, issue, compliment, whatever, please let one of us know via forum PM, in-game mail, or an in-game whisper. The officers do talk to each other quite a bit, so if you bring it up to any of us, then it will get appropriate attention from all.

    Please take this opportunity to discuss or pose any questions you may have. The more input and open dialog we have, the better.

    Current Officer Corps:

    Beep (Beeper)
    Luna (noob)
    Ricca (Enya)
    Crebis (Talara)

    Squad Leaders
    Sajier - Illidan, Resurgent
    Gaviin - Defiant, Resurgent
    Wisperwynd - Cocidius

    Guild Recruiter
    Hion (Anastacea)

    Guild Liaison
    Mirada (also acting SL of Fallen)

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    Re: State of the Guild: Squads, 25-mans, and the future

    I just want to say I'm very happy about how we've been able to make consistant progress. This is a credit to the officers in general and both Gaviin and Sajier specifically. You guys have done a great job getting everyone prepared and getting us in. We still have alot of work to do to clean up the fights in Gruuls and Mag, but we will get better.

    Let's keep it going by taking a few bosses down in SSC this week :D!
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      Re: State of the Guild: Squads, 25-mans, and the future

      I am also pleased with our new progress, and I would love to see us clearing SSC and TK soon. As to how we will fit the new 10 man in, my opinion is to drop the 25 mans back down to 2 days. With the current 3 days raiding 25 mans and a possible 2 days doing 10 mans, it does not leave a lot of room for family and a social life.

      just my 2 cents
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        Re: State of the Guild: Squads, 25-mans, and the future

        Just a note that ZA is intended to be a one-night clear. Probably running one night in ZA even while learning it will be plenty. My two cents, for what it's worth.

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