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Corruptfire 70 warlock

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  • Corruptfire 70 warlock

    1.) Main Character Info:
    • Name: Corruptfire
    • Level/Class: 70 / warlock
    • Talent Spec: 32/8/21
    • Professions: tailoring and enchanting

    2.) What alternate characters will you want also guilded with TG? (Name/level/class)

    not sure atm .. i do have a few, 51 warrior 62 priest main ones

    3.) Have you read and agreed to the Tactical Gamer Guild Creed and Values thread?

    no i havnt, but im sure they are the same as any others, will read them but /agreed

    4.) About You:
    • How old are you? 20
    • What gender are you? female
    • What time zone are you in? oceanic
    • What have you enjoyed most about WoW and your characters? raiding with them
    • How long have you played? 2-3 years
    • How often do you play? as often as i can, at least a couple of hours a day when i havnt anything i have to do
    • What times do you usually play? all different times
    • Cable, DSL, or dialup? cable
    • Do you have the Burning Crusade Expansion installed? yup

    5.) Discovering Tactical Gamer:
    • How did you hear about Tactical Gamer? Bristok
    • If you were recruited, who recruited you? Bristok??
    • What are you looking to find in Tactical Gamer? fun, people to play with, friendship, and to discover the game in different aspects.

    6.) Supporting Member Status:[list][*]Are you a Supporting Member of Tactical Gamer? i have no idea what this means ><

    7.) Previous Guilds:
    • Which guild(s) have you been with, and what did you not like about that experience? (This is not a place to slander previous guilds. Be kind in your words.)

    on this character she has only been in moonstone.

    8.) Do you have the Required mods?
    • Teamspeak installed and in working order: yup
    • Microphone for TS (optional): yup
    • CT_RaidAssist, Ora2, XPerl or similar Raid Assistance Mod: yup
    • KLH Threatmeter: /omen yup
    • Cartographer:
    <-- not sure what is... lol
    9.) For those who are level 60+, please answer the following questions:
    End game experience:
    • How much raiding are you looking to do? would love to do what raiding i can when i get the chance, kara gruuls and further, need to get cor geared up and keyed first to be able to put out damage and actually help the raid grp
    • Please list your status on any incomplete Attunements. kara - doing the key quest now
    • What Reputations are you working on other than the required ones for Heroic Mode Keys (Aldor/Scryer, Consortium, Sporregar, Brood of Nozdormu, etc…)
    i havnt got any reputations hit so working on them all, i am scryer and would love to get her to exhaulted but she's a long way off.
    10.) For those who are level 68+, please answer the following questions:
    • Are you keyed for Karazhan? not yet
    • Please also post to the Karazhan Status thread after completing this thread and acceptance to the guild.


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    Re: Corruptfire 70 warlock

    can someone move this post to the app page
    Candrice 63 Warrior
    Ricca 70 Rogue
    Machelle 70 Mage
    Enya 74 Druid


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      Re: Corruptfire 70 warlock

      oooo the squad formally known as fallen mignt need a lock =D
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