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junebugg's casual raiding plan

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  • junebugg's casual raiding plan

    I find myself in a conundrum. It has been 4 months since i have had a significant upgrade except for rep vendors or badge related items. In not being able to play much during this time , slowly but surely when i go to the armory pages i am not as prepared gearwise as i am used to be. Thank god for enchants. In Subing for raids (and i am not on very much) this seems unlikely to be going to change my gear problems very quickly.
    I do find as a guest with other groups i have opportunity but don't feel fair to roll. To play casual catch up I think it easiest to play with old friends where i can sign up a day here and there, so i am going to exit here for now. Whatever time i have left in this game I want to enjoy with my friends here as well. I am readily availble when on for heroics (i am keyed everywhere) or if you are trying to get your rep in a regular run.

    Oh and please don't give me that "good wishes and hope you find a guild of happiness" response because i am already happy here at TG, junebugg just needs somethng to wear to the party and I have friends that want to help me catch up casually

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