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    due to recent changes in TG or lack thereof, I find that my goals and TG's goals are not the same.topping it off seeing a recruite 20 min into TG going to Gruuls broke the camels back for me. I worked very hard to try to meet the min req's and then see that, well I'm done.I know there are going to be people upset about this, but thats life and I'm moving on

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    Re: Moving on

    meh, i guess this tips the scale on if Fate is in need of another DPSer or not
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      Re: Moving on

      It should be noted that quite a few of the recent recruits picked up by TG are refugees from other raiding guilds. They not only come meeting the 25 man requirements, but with experience in those raids as well.
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        Re: Moving on

        but it still is not right to bypass those in the guild for those coming in if a place in the 25 man should open it should tried to be filled from with in, If it is not it is just what so many of us have been complaining about a click and nothing more. How is that fair to those of us tring to see more of the end game fights.


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          Re: Moving on

          TG's 25 man raiding platoon policies have been discussed at length and in detail at our last guild meeting a couple of weeks ago.

          To recap our discussions, the most basic requirements for qualifying for our first 25 man raiding platoon ("Resurgent") are:
          1. Meeting the posted gear requirements.
          2. Experience based on clearing KZ regularly. (underlined for emphasis) Now that we are moving into SSC and TK, first-hand experience in Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon, SSC and TK is increasingly important.
          3. Demonstrated competence and "heads up" play showing good situational awareness and ability to play your class in both 10 and 25 man instances. This includes having acceptable talent spec for your class.

          There are circumstances for which exceptions are made to the above standard requirements (at the discretion of the Raid Leaders):
          • Class or spec balance (certain classes or specs are needed for buffs, skills or to handle fight specifics)
          • Availability(e.g. being online, available and ready to go with buff food, elixirs/flasks, etc. for filling last minute no shows or drop outs when the raid is ready to start)

          On a related note, some individuals have switched main characters or talent spec to fill needs in Resurgent's roster. Examples of this are Ricca (rogue) switching to Enya (druid healer), Sajier (healing priest) changing spec to shadow priest, Violacea (enhancement/melee shaman) changing spec to healing shaman and Beep (warrior tank) switching to Beeper (elemental/caster shaman).

          So...the broad game plan for our guild's 25 man raiding is that the Resurgent platoon will continue its raiding progression working with the current roster (with changes and/or substitutions as needed). Cocidius and Fate will continue their progression through KZ and are expected ultimately to constitute the nucleus of a second 25 man raiding platoon when they are ready.

          If any individual feels that they deserve a spot in Resurgent's raiding roster, they should contact the RLs (Sajier and Gaviin) directly via PM. If you are not currently raiding with Resurgent, your fastest path to 25 man content is to work with Cocidius and Fate squads to master KZ and form a new 25 man platoon.
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