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  • Thanks, TG!

    As some of you know already, I'm finding it necessary to take a break from the game for a while. There are a number of things happening in RL that will make it very difficult for me to raid consistently over the next few months. Since raiding is the one aspect of WoW that really excites me, I've decided to let my account lapse until I can be sure I have that kind of time available again.

    I'd just like to thank all of you for making the last three months the most enjoyable time I've spent in the game since I started playing. This is a very special place. Managing a guild is an extraordinarily difficult task, particularly when you want to cater to the full gamut of players from casual to hardcore. The officers, raid leaders, and core guildies have done a remarkable job of simultaneously making everyone welcome and making significant raiding progress. My hat is off to all of you!

    Particular thanks to everybody in the Resurgent platoon -- you guys are extremely talented players and a load of laughs to boot. There's no limit to how far you can go. Kudos to Sajier and Gaviin for their excellent leadership -- raid leading is very difficult and you have my honest respect for how well you do it. I'll be checking back on the forums to see how fast you have SSC cleared! It was a real pleasure for me to be part of the first Lurker kill on the last night I was able to raid.

    Anyway, my account expires this Tuesday during the wee hours, so Monday will be my last night on. Hopefully we can get Ack Pfft together for a bout of 5v5 fun before I take off.

    Several people have asked if and when I'll be back. I honestly don't know. It really depends on whether the factors that are cutting into my free time change over time. Right now I'd have to bet against it, but I'll never say never. I do know that I'm going to miss it a lot, and that you guys are a big part of that. Thanks very much for giving me a home when I needed one.

    Your sincere friend,


    Gnopaine - Level 70 Warlock (Affliction)
    Scarpia (aka Edbane) - Level 70 Paladin (Holy)
    Ripoffron - Level 1 Auction House Hustler

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    Re: Thanks, TG!

    Well, Gnop... I'm going to miss you. You always had a good attitude, and you've been a real asset to our raiding group. I always appreciated your sense of humor too, which provided a nice offset to Hion's stinking pile of bad jokes. :) But enjoy your time off. I'm sure you'll be back at some point. ;)

    Keep in touch!


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      Re: Thanks, TG!

      Gnop, thank you for everything. It's been a pleasure to run with you. Stop back and see us! And don't limit it to the forums, feel free to hop on TS as well.

      Level 80 Warrior
      Level 74 Priest


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        Re: Thanks, TG!

        While I'm sad to see you out of game, I know that your RL activities will keep you busy and provide a great deal of satisfaction! Good luck...check in on the forums (no game card needed!)...and come back to the pwnage in-game when time and circumstances permit.

        Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. - (Isaac Asimov)


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          Re: Thanks, TG!

          Hey Gnopaine, Sucks to see ya go, but hopefully like yourself--and everyone here--we hope it won't be permanent. I know I havn't know ya very long, but good people don't take long to get to know. You had a good sense of humor, well noted by Gaviin, that's the kind of thing that helps lead people to victory in raids too YAR!

          See ya trolling around our forums man :)
          Doomkin...Tree...or Bear. If your not the above, your not cool! *Note* Alts don't count....


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            Re: Thanks, TG!

            Come back as soon as you can Gnop! We need our gnome to punt around!
            Sajaman/|TG-Irr|Sajier - WoW Resto Shaman, BF2/BF2142 Assault/Medic

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              Re: Thanks, TG!

              Gnop, get things straightened out and come back when you can!

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                Re: Thanks, TG!

                Best of luck in all your endeavors. Hope to see you again soon. Break a leg!

                Silchar (70 Retribution Paladin)
                Lightshow (70 Holy Priest)
                Wetstone (70 Marksman Hunter)

                "Never forget-the higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly." - Friedrich Nietzsche


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                  Re: Thanks, TG!

                  Bad jokes...Gnopaine leaving is a bad joke...please dont let it be true.../cry
                  Anastacea - 70 Priest
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                    Re: Thanks, TG!

                    I'll miss you, Gnopaine! Your great sense of humor and top notch skill made it a pleasure to raid with you. Please come back soon. We'll take turns keeping your seat warm for you!


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                      Re: Thanks, TG!

                      I will miss you Gnop. Keep in touch as time permits via forums and TS. If not, I know where to find you! ;-)

                      Best wishes and I hope to play alongside you in the future.


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                        Re: Thanks, TG!

                        Ya, you've been an awesome addition to the guild and the raiding platoon. It's been a pleasure having you around and I hope to see you back once you're able. Best of luck to you...
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