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25 Man Raiding at TG

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  • 25 Man Raiding at TG

    25 Man Raiding-All you need to know!

    Raid Leadership: Cooperative leadership comprised of Gaviin and Sajier.

    Raid Frequency: 25 man content will be attempted on two to three nights a week on a regular posted schedule. Normal start time is 7:30pm server for invites with the first pull by 8:00pm server time. We will be raiding 25 man content on the same nights (e.g. Wednesday and Thursday) weekly. These days are subject to change in accordance with the needs of the raiding group. For example, during holiday periods, the schedule may be reduced to two nights a week.

    Class Balance:

    This is the current ideal balance, subject to change/adaptation.

    2 Dedicated Tanks
    3 Offtanks (can DPS/Heal when not tanking)
    6 Primary Healers (may be increased for some encounters)
    2-4 Melee DPS (Rogue, DPS Warrior, Cat Druid, Enh. Shaman)
    10-12 Ranged DPS (Mage/Warlock/Hunter/Elem. Shaman)

    Who is eligible?
    1. Meet minimum gear/stat requirements as posted.
    2. Have required raid experience (min. Karazhan)
    3. Demonstrated “heads-up” play with good situational awareness.
    4. Have the specific approval of the screeners (Sajier and Gaviin). The screeners will evaluate previous raid experience and demonstrated competence in raid environments.

    Managing the Roster
    1. The standard we are setting for ourselves is to have a consistent, unchanging team that works together and masters new game content as a group. This dedication is the same idea behind our current squads organized for 10 man raiding. We expect dedication and commitment to our raiding efforts from each individual on the roster. This requires members who are both willing AND able to show up
    2. The exact number of players on the final roster is not fixed. It will be our best estimate of what it takes to field a well-balanced and capable 25 man raid on any given day. At this point, our best estimate is something around 30-32 people. We want to eliminate "rotation" and “benchwarming” if possible.
    3. We don't wish this process of running a raiding group to be unnecessarily exclusionary, but we believe that having a consistent raiding group will be essential for our progress as we are moving up the learning curve. Even with a final roster, there will be opportunities from time to time for individuals not on the normal roster to participate as "free agents" or even to be added later as a replacement or addition.
    4. We know there will be players who may reach the posted gear and experience requirements after the raiding group roster is finalized. This could be because of game progression or could be a new (experienced) guild member wanting to raid with us. What can you expect? You can expect some turnover in the roster over time (life happens!) with a chance to move onto the roster as a replacement. You can expect there to be "free agent" opportunities to fill a slot. In similar fashion, someone may be invited to fill a roster position to answer a need for a critical class or talent even though they may be technically “short” on gear or experience.
    5. Our long term plan is to set up a second 25 man raiding group (or more) when a sufficient number of people are interested and qualified. There is no timetable for a second raiding platoon, but having an effective group generally means that two squads are needed to form the nucleus of such a group after they have mastered the KZ ten man content. Please note that we as a guild have no desire to restrict any “new” 25 man raiding group from forming. What this post is all about is presenting our thinking on what it takes to be successful.
    6. If any individual feels that they deserve a spot in Resurgent's raiding roster, they should contact the RLs (Sajier and Gaviin) directly via PM. If you are not currently raiding with Resurgent, your fastest path to 25 man content is to work with Cocidius and Fate squads to master KZ and form a new 25 man platoon.


    Here are the current MINIMUM gear/spec standards for our 25 man raiding group. We do expect to revise/refine these in the future, but this our current iteration.

    Healing Priests
    • 10k mana unbuffed
    • 1400 healing unbuffed
    • 110 mana/5 unbuffed
    • 5/5 Silent Resolve (healing aggro reduction talent)

    Shadow Priests
    • 950 shadow damage unbuffed
    • 3/3 Shadow Affinity (Shadow aggro reduction talent)


    Holy Paladins
    • 9000 mana unbuffed
    • 110MP/5 (while casting)
    • 15% holy crit unbuffed

    Prot Paladins
    • 12000 health (unbuffed)
    • 490+ Defense
    • 75-80 MP/5 (while casting)
    • 250-350 +Holy damage
    • Improved Righteous Fury is a must.

    Prot Warrior:
    • 13k unbuffed HP
    • 45-50% damage avoidance (Dodge, Parry, Miss)
    • 490+ Defense

    For Arms/MS spec (unbuffed)
    • AP of 1,500+
    • +Crit of 25%

    For Fury/DW spec (unbuffed):
    • AP of 1,500+
    • +Crit of 25%
    • hit rating of 200

    For both offensive specs, when in defensive stance with tanking gear should have 490+ def, 12,000+ health, armor of 12,500+.

    • No sub-level 68 gear, and no greens - Some trinkets can be excluded from this requirement, such as [Bladefist's Breadth]
    • Level 70 gear in all major weapon and major armor slots - Neck, back, trinket, and ranged weapon slots excluded; one grace exception allowed
    • Minimum 7500 health, unbuffed
    • Any gem slottable gear is fully gemmed (must be rogue-relevant gems)
    • Any enchantable gear is enchanted (must be rogue-relevant enchants)

    • Between 1,800 RAP/20% Crit and 2,300 RAP/15% crit is a nice sliding scale.
    • 7,500hp unbuffed
    • Between 400 Intel and 60 Mana/5 is another nice sliding scale
    • No greens
    • 5% +hit

    Unbuffed Stats:
    • 6-6.5K HP
    • 8k mana
    • 700 damage
    • 5% to Hit
    • 20% Crit

    Should have: Spirit Staff to swap to for Evocate.


    • 8,000 health unbuffed
    • 8,000 mana unbuffed
    • 600 bonus damage (including buffs, potions, etc)
    • 5% to hit
    • 10% Crit

    • 9,000 health unbuffed
    • 9,000 mana unbuffed
    • 800 bonus damage (including buffs, poitions, etc)
    • 7% to hit
    • 15% Crit

    • AP- 2300
    • Crit- 28%
    • Stam- 8k

    • AC- 23k
    • Dodge- 28%
    • HP- 12k
    • Def- 415 with 3 Survival of the Fittest Talent, 490 without.

    • 1k +healing
    • 9k-10k mana
    • 110 mp5 while casting
    • all points into subtlety
    • swiftmend
    • appropriate gems and enchants
    • Tree of Life form optional but recommended
    • no greens and 68+ gear with exceptions to trinkets and idols.

    • 7.0k HP
    • 8.0k MP
    • 200 Mp5
    • 10% crit
    • 800 +Dmg

    **** Moonkin still under construction, accepting thoughts! ****

    • at least 1000 AP unbuffed
    • 21% or more to crit
    • hit rating of 150, and 9% from talents
    • blue quality or better weapons
    • Spirit Weapons (-15% threat)

    • +600 spell damage
    • 22-25% spell crit before talents
    • 3/3 Elemental Precision

    • 150 mp5
    • 1400 healing? (not too sure, I think paladin numbers for +heal would be good here)
    • 10k mana unbuffed
    • specced for mana tide would be nice, not necessary


    To recap our discussions, the most basic minimum requirements for qualifying for our first 25 man raiding platoon ("Resurgent") are:
    1. Meeting the posted gear requirements.
    2. Experience based on clearing KZ regularly. (underlined for emphasis) Now that we are moving into SSC and TK, first-hand experience in Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon, SSC and TK is increasingly important.
    3. Demonstrated competence and "heads up" play showing good situational awareness and ability to play your class in both 10 and 25 man instances. This includes having acceptable talent spec for your class.
    4. There are circumstances for which exceptions are made to the above standard requirements (at the discretion of the Raid Leaders):
    • Class or spec balance (certain classes, gear or talent specs are needed for buffs, skills or to handle fight specifics)
    • Availability(e.g. being online, available and ready to go with buff food, elixirs/flasks, etc. for filling last minute no shows or drop outs when the raid is ready to start)

    On a related note, some individuals have switched main characters or talent spec to fill needs in Resurgent's roster. Examples of this are Ricca (rogue) switching to Enya (druid healer), Sajier (healing priest) changing spec to shadow priest, Violacea (enhancement/melee shaman) changing spec to healing shaman, Celltar switching from healing priest (Lightshow) to warlock and Beep (warrior tank) switching to Beeper (elemental/caster shaman).

    So...the broad game plan for our guild's 25 man raiding is that the Resurgent platoon will continue its raiding progression working with the current roster (with changes and/or substitutions as needed). Cocidius and Fate will continue their progression through KZ and are expected to constitute the nucleus of a second 25 man raiding platoon when they are ready.
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