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  • News Flash :)

    Mmmkay. So heres a short bit of an update and announcement. Things are going decently on my end of the world. Still...../sigh... still trying to get a better job though at this point I'm also doing small odd-jobs to get by. I'm still out there trying to find a decent job and my schooling is doing much better.

    SO... since I miss the world of lightning chucking and even 10000 times more I miss yall, I"m gonna pop back into the warcrack o.0 . EXCITING! 8D .

    However. My life is still dreadfully unplanable :/ . So I cannot make myself available for any raiding whatsoever at the moment. while you may see me on a couple hours at a time that does not mean I'm actually there at my computer 100% of the time. I still have to make myself available to help the family on the spot ( as some may know my grandmother is in poor health and I've come to the realization that there simply isn't any other family my grandmother can readily depend on.

    So in a nutshell. I'm coming back :D But I cannot.. repeat.. cannot raid at all until I get life totally straightened out and the grandmother in good reliable loving hands.

    I look forward to seeing you all soon! If not tonight in fact :)

    Rock on TG :D

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    Re: News Flash :)



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      Re: News Flash :)

      kk...raids are posted, go sign up....

      totally kidding here!!!
      Anastacea - 70 Priest
      Hion - 70 Rogue (PVP)
      Caeden - 70 Mage (PVP)

      Nast - 75 Priest of Mitra
      Hion - 6 Assassin

      "10 Mana Pots - 100g, Flask of Mighty Restoration - 25g, repair bill - 23g...coming to a raid with the Dickens in mind...PRICELESS!!!"

      "Feel my radiance, you start to see my smites, let my holy damage go!!!"


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        Re: News Flash :)


        Tarma: 80 Enhancement Shaman | Koliana: 70 Balance Druid
        Salelen: 70 Discipline Priest | Jadrek: 70 Arcane Mage
        Kerowhyn: 67 Retribution Paladin | Talenoth: 69 Unholy Death Knight
        Caldac: 60 Beast Master Hunter | Kamina: 58 Protection Warrior
        Celendra: 45 Combat Rogue

        I had it all! I had it all and then I lost it. Lost... all gone... like... my mind. My mind is like... cheese. I like cheese.


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          Re: News Flash :)

          Great having you back Star :)
          70 Priest


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            Re: News Flash :)

            Welcome back man!
            Gigan - Shaman (Resto)
            Pistos - Semi-retired Shadowpriest
            ...and other distractions of various levels.


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              Re: News Flash :)

              welcome back man! Now get some skill :P become like SHIRO ELITE!!


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                Re: News Flash :)

                Star, you are welcome back on any terms that work for you!

                Sometimes you just have to keep on keeping on!

                Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. - (Isaac Asimov)


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                  Re: News Flash :)

                  Welcome back man and of course family is always first ...
                  Candrice 63 Warrior
                  Ricca 70 Rogue
                  Machelle 70 Mage
                  Enya 74 Druid


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                    Re: News Flash :)

                    Welcome back, Starr! I'm still MIA, but who knows? I might be back too one day soon...



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                      Re: News Flash :)

                      Ugh I knew I couldn't resist dang it >.< . Sigh you guys are just all to cool to play with to keep trying to avoid it ;P Now that gia fellow though... words could be mentioned on my greatest dislikes of individuals that it would turn a narru red. o.0

                      (J/K of course Gia :) You rock >:)

                      Again though if my family is in need of me I'll try to give fair warning that I will not be available though often times it's an on-the-spot need >.<

                      I had a freekin' awesome time running last night in Kara :) Ah great nostalgic times (shoosh on the spelling). Though now it's down to some arenas, honor points, and the last bits of rep I need to deck out my gem crafting to get my gear up to par! (in the last 2 days of play: 2.48% increase in spell crit, 8 spell dmg increase and working on beefing that up quite a bit tonight :D)

                      Again, thank you guys for the fantastic welcome back :) It's corny, though it means alot! :D




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