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  • Patch 2.4 Ahoy!

    2.4 and Sunwell information Q&A has been updated about the 2.4 preview (see this news) with a few questions (and answers) from various sources, including this site. (Yay !)

    Here is a short summary :
    • There wasn't anything said about the "Legendary Hunter Bow".
    • No talks about new Badges/Honor/Reputation rewards either, except the new Shattered Sun Offensive faction.
    • Sets aren't class specifics, but will be tuned to fit specific needs for classes (including a Warrior and a Holy paladin tuned set).
    • The Daily Quest cap is raised to 25 because Blizzard doesn't really want to limit them anymore and understand that people like to grind money by running daily quests instead of bashing monsters. (Also, keep in mind that the patch will introduce tons of new daily quests to help building/claiming the town in Sunwell)
    • The design of Magister's Terrace (5-man) is based on Silvermoon City, it will also features the Blood Elve Observatory.
    • The Sunwell Plateau (5-man) will be a multiple-buildings instance powered by captured Naarus. The last room will contain the Sunwell.
    • Kael'thas is being reused in the 5-man instance, but might be available only in heroic mode.
    • Devs want to let more players experience the lore and get the chance to meet characters such as Kael'thas.
    • Heroic instances requirements (Revered to Honored) have been changed to let new players and alts experience enter them without having to farm normal instances.

    For more details, read the much longer article on 5 man instances which will include epic encounters like Kael for 'casual' gamers.
    25 Daily quest limits which raises possible income with questing from the current 100-200g for 10 quests to 250-500g per day at 10-20g per quest.
    Daily quests will be completed at the Sunwell area in order to build up the area around it similar to turnins for AQ20-40. Red Snappa?
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    Re: Patch 2.4 Ahoy!

    Ohhhh.... red snappah!!

    Man, watching that now isn't nearly as funny as when we were turning ridiculous amounts of items in back in the day to get the gates to open, but it's still mildly amusing.


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      Re: Patch 2.4 Ahoy!

      This will be a very, very interesting change. My sense is that instead of massive turn ins of commodity goods, the daily quests will involve "synthetic" objectives... like Netherwing rep required turn ins specific to that area. I also have a sense this is a test of dynamic environment creation that they want to implement in WotLK.

      However, the more interesting thing is that since the later half of the raid zone will not be accessible until certain goals are met, it's really up in the air as far as who will be getting world firsts on those kills.

      I'm dying to get more info.




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