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Rash of Character Theft

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  • Rash of Character Theft

    We seem to have several of these in our recent experience. FYI, Blizz has a couple of relevant threads.

    1. Security Precautions -

    2. What to do if you've been hacked -

    In addition, common sense says...
    1. Change your password now...and periodically in the future.
    2. Use reputable antivirus, antispyware, firewall program(s)
    3. Entrust a guild officer or friend with real world contact information, cellphone, email, something so you can be reached in something like real time.
    4. If you are to be AFK for several days or weeks, let someone know so we can at least be aware that you aren't supposed to be in game....see #3 above.

    Overall, Blizzard seems pretty responsive, but their efforts to make you whole are slow and apparently not 100%. Among other practical limits, we (your friends) cannot trigger some Blizz responses since those rights are properly reserved for the account holder. It's pretty awful for us to watch YOUR toon being manipulated by someone we know is screwing you over, but as a practical matter we can't do much more than report it and notify you (see #3 above).
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