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  • Enigmaxxv departure

    After much thought and conversations with fellow Tactical Gamer officers I regret to announce my departure from the guild. You all socially have lived up to nothing less then an awesome bunch of people whom I have always come to know and respect about TG. However I play WoW for more then the socialization and that make this decision all that much harder because it seem on this server I have to chose between fun people or active play times hence consistent and active raiding.

    Over the last month I really havenít found that here. Also with playing a hunter, a class that is easily exchange able for any dps class and not to mention makes up 22% of the server alliance population along with the unfortunate fact that you guys honestly are full on this class. I really donít see much change in the future for raiding opportunities. I know that it might be a bit impatience on my part. I simply donít want to risk 3-6 months only to come to the same conclusion.

    A few have step up and offered the occasional 5 man run but even still I found myself resorting to an alt to help the run succeed rather then play the class I love. I know that no one forces me to do so but thatís just the kind of guy I am I know the disappointment when you want to run something and your stuck because of one class.

    Therefore I have decided to retire my hunter, which in turn means Iíll most likely be retiring from the game. I have played every class to at least 60 even the shaman after I bumped 4 of my toons to 70. I did not find the same enjoyment with any of them as I do with the hunter. Seem to be the story of my life.

    What I desire is to jump into active 25man raiding along with the KZ / ZA and the 5mans where I can. Unfortunately I donít have the in game network of people anymore seeing most have quit and maybe its time I see that as a sign. I seriously doubt I will find a guild that will both be a great bunch of people and meet the raiding appetite I want with my hunter class.

    To this end of my *blink* *blink* novel I wrote I hope to leave with an open door should anything change in the future either a hunter spot truly opens up or I do find honest enjoyment with a different class. I will be on from time to time seeing I still have a few months of playtime still. So my best wishes. Iíll see you all around in the game from time to time.
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    Re: Enigmaxxv departure

    As I said before, I know you're a good player, and I wished it would have worked out. I don't have to say any more. Sorry to see you go, man.


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      Re: Enigmaxxv departure

      It was great to get to know you. I'm sorry you didn't find what you were looking for here. Best of luck to you.
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