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Help wanted - Guild Recruiting Officer

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  • Help wanted - Guild Recruiting Officer

    We need someone to assume the role of Recruiting Officer now that Hion no longer has the time to do this. There is no formal job description, but the duties will include:

    1. Coordination with SLs and RLs for recruiting needs
    2. Posting ("advertising") in guild and Blizz forums to invite applicants in the desired classes/specs
    3. Taking the lead in dealing with new applicants to resolve their applications in a timely manner.
    4. Matchmaking to connect new applicants/members with appropriate SL and/or RL for raiding interest
    5. Working with guild leadership to have a clear recruiting "wish list" and policy
    6. Inviting in-game interest in TG...using the recruiting channel, etc.
    7. Being the "go to" person for recruiting matters.

    The "right" person:

    * will be able to write about TG and our raiding activities to communicate our posture and progress.
    * will be a self-starter who can keep everyone informed, who knows when to ask for help or permission, and who will represent us well to the WoW world at large.
    * will exhibit good "people skills".
    * will make this job a priority.

    If interested, send a PM to Beep/Luna/Orion808/Ricca and explain to us why you think you'd be good at this.

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    Re: Help wanted - Guild Recruiting Officer

    I'm currently standing in for Hion, and am slowly falling behind on this. We need ths filled soner than later and help is much appreciated.




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