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I respecc'd to Balance....

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  • I respecc'd to Balance....

    So I respecced to Balance as a few already know. Here I will give some reasons why;

    Number 1, I am not able to make many 25 man or 10 man raids anymore due to life which is fine and dandy with me, cause I really am the happiest I have ever been in my life, that's for certain. The thing I enjoyed most was tanking as you all knew and the gear I got I cannot repay, but I do appreciate it greatly thanks very much for that. The gear is also over-kill for outside of 25 man raids more or less, some heroics it works to perfection, in not being too good or too bad. Aside from that, if I'm not raiding on my druid with his feral specc, all I have to do are Dailies and Heroics. Thats it. I have completed all the new Sunwell quests, and I still do the Dailies, but aside from that I still have NO quests left outside of Hyjal and Black Temple, which you guys are apparently moving into quite quickly! Those however, will not last that long either :( . So I came to the conclusion of either stop playing my druid all together and move over to the paladin alternate account? Or re-specc and try to play the game a bit...differently.

    Well I kinda am doing both for now hehe. As far as the specc, I went Balance for a couple of reasons. The primary being, as Restoration(Which I also enjoy greatly) I cannot kill things the way I'd like to and dailies would be a drag. I picked Balance for the second reason of, should I make a raid on occasion, we don't have any in the guild at this moment anyways, not who are leveled with any sort of gear if I'm not mistaken. Well with this balance specc I am going to pvp to get what I can and make myself "Raid Ready" to the best of my ability and then I can provide the crit bonus to our casters for wherever we might be going. I'm already at 784 Spell damage self buffed after I've already upgraded a couple items and gems. I'm at 22% crit with boomkin form, which will get better with time. It seems I'm not making out for such a bad boomkin afterall hehe :) Take a look here...

    I know thats PvP but that also let's ya know I can dish it out for what little bit of gear I have. That was a LOT of fun too! Yar Defiant style!
    Already got a new Vindicators peice upgrade too!

    I hope everyone understands and that noones too flustrated with me, but its' not like I vendored my old gear or anything I've still got everything should the need come up for me to get down to business and tick something off a bit in yar' bear form!

    Thanks again for understanding,
    Your Druid Pal,
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    Re: I respecc'd to Balance....

    I wish I could.
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