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Further interest in a new 10-person group?

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  • Further interest in a new 10-person group?

    Okay, I'm looking to consolidate the information on people looking for a new Karazhan group. I would be willing to lead this with my 70 Holy/Disc priest. Please reply with character names, class, and spec, along with any other characters you would be willing to bring. Please exclude characters that run as a core member of another squad.

    I would be bringing "Vencent - Priest - Holy/Disc"

    I would NOT be brining "Drewidism - Druid - Feral" because that character is a member of Illidan.

    Other interested parties from the other thread seem to be...

    Schizm Ascent Feral Druid
    Quarath Unknown
    Dreadd Mage & Boomkin
    Pain Sirpainmaker - Warrior & Painnuker Mage
    Lancelott Davidford Prot Warrior
    Vee (Del) Rogue, Warlock
    Shadowreign BM Hunter, Prot Warrior
    Ailor Prot Warrior

    Please post on this thread if you are ACTIVELY looking for a Karazhan group to call home.
    ALLIANCE ON THUNDERHORN as of 12.1.08:
    - 78 Combat Rogue | - 70 Discipline Priest | - 70 Affliction/Demonology Warlock
    - 70 Feral Druid | - 70 Frost Mage | - 70 Beast Mastery Hunter
    - 70 Retribution Paladin | - 61 Arms Warrior | - 70 Enhancement Shaman



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