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  • Hiatus for training...

    Hi guys!!! I haven't been around in FOREVER!! and i've missed you all! i pop in every now and again! Lots of new names!!! WELCOME!!!
    Anyway, while i pop in and out here and there i have decided to take a game hiatus for awhile. Our little druid/rogue mix is requiring more training than i thought! While she is a solid level 3 already! (whoot! how time flies!!) i'm finding that it costs WAY more gold than anticipated so i am going to take time out of my own training for awhile to concentrate on hers. so to save "gold" (boy does the cost of diapers and formula add up!!) i'm going to stop playing wow for the time being..hopefully to return before this child goes to college!!!
    My time ends on June 9th...before then..i woudl LOVE LOVE LOVE to run heroic Sethekk Halls to get my epic flight form!! So if anyone would or could help me that would be FANTASTIC!!!

    Here are a few new pictures of "The Cuteness" as we call her.

    Please make sure you leave front light on for me!! Becuase i WILL BE BACK!!!

    If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is X; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut. -Albert Einstein

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    Re: Hiatus for training...

    She is sooooo beautiful.

    What a wonderful quest reward

    Please send us pictures from time to time.... from your terrific RL to this otherwise uninteresting VR.



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      Re: Hiatus for training...

      Awww how sweet and she looks like you Dream...
      Candrice 63 Warrior
      Ricca 70 Rogue
      Machelle 70 Mage
      Enya 74 Druid


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        Re: Hiatus for training...

        Cheers to you for focusing on something so precious. :row__523:


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          Re: Hiatus for training...

          She's beautiful, Dreamy!

          Of course we'll keep the light on for you. I look forward to seeing you again soon- please keep in touch!




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