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New 10 Man Kara raids

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  • New 10 Man Kara raids

    Hey guys ;-)
    We have alot of new members in the guild and we also have quite a few new 70 alts as well.
    I would like to see if we could set up a couple of new squads with our new members and our existing members that arent in a squad. I personally have been in TG for 4 months now
    and my main isnt assigned to a squad and I have seen tons of new guys join the guild since then im sure they would all like to have at least 1 day a week where they know there going to be able to raid as well. So i geuss what im getting at is can i start getting squads together and helping assign guys to a squad and can we put up a raid sign up for Kara on our raid manager for a couple more kara raids each week so we can start progressing everyone towards mh and bt and ssc. Im sure we have enough guys to do it. I would be glad to do whatever is needed to get this done and any help from you guys would be great. so please if you read this just let me know. im pretty much allways on. send me a whisper r mail or anything in game anytime. Thanks Shadowreign.



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