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  • The General Leadership role...

    As most of you now have noticed, we have gotten a LOT of new recruits...

    These new people as a whole are going to want a home! We also know, a roster can only get so full before people are always sitting--which CAN be a good thing, but just so its not too many and too often.

    With these new people they are going to want things to do! So I ask here, this will be including those who are new recruits! If you feel you are up to a "Leadership Role" You should make sure its known among the forums that your interested in starting up a squad, helping with a current squad, and or doing anything else that might help another squad prepare for things to come.

    I know I'm not really one who can put myself into this role because of my harsh work schedule, but that doesn't mean YOU can't. So be sure to check into the forums everyone and keep active see where YOUR role is amongst Tactical Gamer!

    The Leadership role mostly consists of the ability to form, lead, and instruct Activities, Parties, or Raids! This means posting Raids, keeping up with forums, and possibly posting/discussing with other Squad leaders, the roles of boss encounters and the roles (based on specc's) of your new squadies and guildies!

    Take a look at about where your gear places you (on the character in which you will want to make your main) and how you can help your new squad progress through content! What do you want to do? Chatting and hanging with friends? Casual parties and events? Raiding 10 mans, the occasional 25 man? Or really hammer out end game content at a pace suitable for progressing as a whole!

    Don't wait! Those who are new to TG, We have new 10 man squads forming, see where your availability is and see how we can help you become an active part of the big family we are today!

    With as many coming we should have another 25 man spurring in no time! Again I say be sure to keep active on the forums and ask/offer any help for whatever is needed!

    Good luck to you all! Hope to see you in game conquering everything !!!!
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