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    So, at about 7:00 PM or so Central, my computer decided to die on me by crashing completely. Then I finally get it running again and discover my internet won't work(Router went kaput, took a lot of fidgeting to get a direct connection) and that took about maybe an hour or so. And now I'm back online. Very few things on my computer are responding properly and I have to CTRL+ALT+DEL every time I try to open WoW since it just freezes. I'm very very sorry that I missed the raid. And if I could jump on WoW right now, I'd be happy just to be there late. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience this may have brought you(although it might not have).


    ETA: I'm reinstalling WoW since that's what customer service told me. I'll probably be back tomorrow and hopefully my computer holds up until I can grab a replacement. It's been acting up like this for a month now. Guess it's just telling me to buy a new one!
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    Re: Missed BT

    Sorry to hear. FYI: The raid canceled due to lack of members...we were conflicted with Delirium also running the same night and several no shows. We're grabbing from the same pool of un-squadded raiders as they are so it's hard when we are both light.


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      Re: Missed BT

      Thank you for explaining what happened man. Good luck getting everything up and running again.
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        Re: Missed BT

        Guess I'm also responsible since I was MIA as well. My reason is a bit different though. I had a chat with my boss towards the end of my shift and it went something like this.

        "We're a bit short staffed today so overtime has been approved. Think you can work half of the next shift as well? Thanks for helping out"
        "Next person will be coming in at 7. Thanks again"

        And thus did I work an extra 4 hours till two hours past raid start. -_-;
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