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  • Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

    ***What follows is a description of a restructuring of our guild to better suit our current needs and position ourselves to be a prominent force in the WoW community going forward. I'd ask that this be read in its entirety and objectively considered before any response is made. You have my strongest assurance that these decisions have been made, and will continue to be made, with the interests of the entire guild in mind.***

    Reasoning for Restructuring:
    Currently our guild is seen as a casual guild that dabbles in end-game content and is respected for a commitment to maturity and teamwork. We've been a constant on this server almost as long as it has existed. It is time to recharge the guild, modify our image and redefine what Tactical Gamer will mean to its members as well as to the greater server community. While we do not want to deviate from the core of TGs values, we do want to be known more prominently for our commitment to end-game activity.

    We have very successfully implemented the concept of self-sufficient groups within the TG guild and have benefited from it in so many ways. We've allowed our members the ability to choose the content they wish to run, without having to leave guild to do so. The guild community is stronger because its members are able to be around the people with whom they want to play. This community of social individuals is the reason why most of us play the game still after 3+ years instead of setting it down and moving on.

    It is necessary, however, to periodically innovate in an effort to drive future success. The time has come to push ourselves once again and, to facilitate the innovation I believe must occur, we must restructure ourselves from top to bottom. As a result, I am redesigning the officer concept, as well as the guild ranks. These changes will set the stage for additional initiatives that are intended to enhance TGs prominence within our server community.

    Currently we have too many minds controlling the guild and as a result our ability to make nimble decisions when needed is adversely affected. That being said, all existing officers play a valuable leadership role in this guild and I do no want to lose that. The officer restructuring is described below:

    Officer Restructure:
    Guild Master - Orion
    Officer - Luna, Yotion, Wintrow, Gaviin
    Corporal - Ricca, Beep, Gollaen, Wisperwynd, Jandreyn, Drewidism

    Notice that all current officers are still in the upper cluster of members. While the rank of Corporal will no longer be an official Officer rank, it is a rank that carries with it certain responsibility and authority in various aspects of the guild. The newly formed Officer group will need quick access to the Corporal's input. We want to be able to listen to the issues that pop up in the respective squads. As long as each group within the guild (squads or casual players) is given the resources and attention they need in order to carry on what they wish, each group will flourish.

    The remaining guild ranks are as follows:

    Guild Ranks:
    Guild Master - Final decision maker where warranted. Figure head of the guild.
    Officer - Governing body of the guild. Responsible for promotion and long term steering/planning of the guild. Also attends to the needs of the squad/platoon structure and any issues that arise.
    Corporal - Governing body of each squad/platoon and the voice for various groups in the guild. Responsible for controlling/maintaining their respective squads and organizing events to strengthen the guild community. Also, they will have a direct ear to the officer group for requests of resources and recruiting.
    Veteran - Guild members that have been awarded recognition for key attitudes/accomplishments/dedication within the guild. (More on this later)
    Member - (Same as our current "Primary" rank)
    Alt - (Same as our current "Secondary" rank)
    Recruit - (Same as our "Recruit" rank)
    Holding - A rank designed to hold those that are MIA within the guild or those that are being disciplined. Mainly this would serve to restrict access to the guild bank and be a place holder for those we don't want to remove from the guild due to tardiness. This rank will likely be rarely used, but needs to be in place for those rare instances.

    Forum Structure:
    The forums will be restructured as well with the same mentality as above. The current officer forums will remain, but its use will be restricted only to the new Officer rank. A new private forum (similar to the officer forum) will be created for use by the Corporal rank to discuss and organize as needed with one another. Officers will have access to the new Corporal forum as well to maintain open lines of communication with that group. I would expect that anything pertaining to squad administration be kept in the Corporal forums. This will be a place where the Officers and Corporal can discuss the placement of new recruits, members that wish to switch squads and requests for resources necessary for the growth of the squads/platoons.

    Some immediate issues to be addressed by the new Officers:
    • Preparation of the guild for the next expansion; we want to start very strong in raiding the new content.
    • Redefining the "name" of TG within the Thunderhorn realm.
    • Promoting TG within the WoW forums for end-game recruiting purposes.
    • Developing more effective means of targeting more casual players for recruitment into the guild and its squads/platoons.
    • Providing/preparing a smooth transition of this new structure in guild (e.g. forum posts, TS meetings, etc)
    • Reformatting the Guild's portal page on the TG website to allow for better access to the guild's structure and resources.

    Obviously, this post represents an overview of the changes that will be made and does not necessarily include all of the details. Expect to see the forums restructured soon as well as the reinvention of the portal page (found here).

    ***We welcome any questions or thoughts within this thread and will be holding a Town-Hall Meeting on Teamspeak shortly. Contact an officer in game or on the forums if you have any concerns.***

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    Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

    As a former member, but now outsider. I wish you luck with your new goals. It will probably be difficult, but I have seen how focused you can be when it really counts.

    Looking forward to seeing where it leads you.

    Nations are like individuals: they achieve more when they plan to plant a tiny tree, and do it, than when they propose to raise an entire forest and then fall asleep in the furrows.

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      Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

      Wow!! At times this guild truly amazes me. Why on earth wasn't this put in the forums for everyone to be able to give there imput and then make a intelligent decision based on what the whole GUILD wants?? Seems to me that you have a small grp of people making decisions based on what they want and then saying its for the good of the guild. You can't say it's for the good of the guild unless you get the whole guild's opinion on it first. Leaders are suppose to lead by example and care for their people, I don't see caring when you don't involve everyone! This is not the first time this has happened and probably won't be the last. What some people need to remember is this is everyone's guild that is in TG, not just 3 or 4 individuals. Crebis, you know how much I respect to as a leader but, however you got talked into making this decision without the entire guild's imput was totally wrong. If this decision was made after something was posted in the forums and everyone had the chance to speak their minds, I wouldn't be making this post. The way this all went down in my opinion was totally wrong.


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        Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

        I'm kind of confused as to what the issue here is crim. Largely, this seems to be a cosmetic change (from what I see at least) so far. The now corporals will still have a strong presence in guild matters, and it would seem that their ability to lead isn't being hampered, and in fact it seems as though there is more access to cooperation between squads and the leaders of those squads.

        Is there anger because there was no rumblings on the forums about thinking about these changes to begin with? If this is the source of the ire, then I must say that this is the notification of that, and that you can voice your agreement or disagreement with the direction things are going now. But, it seems to me as though this *is* leading by example. They're saying what they want to do, outlining roughly how they plan to go about it, and asking for input and planning a forum for discussion on TS sometime in the future.

        I'm mostly just confused as to what was so objectionable about this, and am not trying to incite you. I just want a more complete objection, or information as to what is so objectionable about this post.

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          Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

          I spoke to crim earlier, but I 'm say some of my thoughts here.

          One of the main reasons for doing this is the amount of time it takes to get everyone's opinion, which is what crim is saying we should have done. There were too many minds at the officer level, and there are definitely too many minds at the guild level.

          The new Corporal rank will consist of Squad Leaders and special positions such as Guild Liaison. The forum they will have will also be accessed by the officer group, and as such, will be in close contact with the officers.

          Leaders lead...fairly simple concept. Leaders listen to the voices of the people and should act in the best interest of those people. Leaders do not ask for every single opinion before making every single decision, however. It is important for the people to trust their leaders, or demand new ones.

          This guild is already structured, already large in size, and already progressing through content. Any casual player finds a home here due to the people that play here (thank you for that). The casual players here at TG will benefit from anything the End-Game sector does, short of leaving guild or kicking everyone out. What I mean is, most reasources that were given to help people that were focused on progression and end game further their goals, also benefits the casual player.

          Think of the guild bank and how currently materials from the squads are spilling over into the General Vault for general consumption. These items are available for any guildie...not just the elitist end-game player.

          I've spoken enough on this. I'd honestly rather hear the opinions of the guild. Also, don't attack each other here...the comments so far are ok, just don't snowball past debate.


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            Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

            Do we get to vote for who we want as town Mayor? Who we want on the City Council? Who we want to run this country? This is a guild and everyone in it should have a voice and a vote. You had a few, making important decisions on who are going to be the leaders of this guild. This is what I have a problem with. Do you have fair representation from the whole guild? To me it looks like the majority of these leaders all have come from the same squad. I'm sure they wouldn't all have the same agenda, share the same ideas on the direction that they think this guild should go? We all pay money to play this game, we are all part of this guild, bottom line is we should all have a voice in important decisions such as this.
            As far as trusting your leaders. You are absolutely right! You should be able to trust your leaders, leaders that you had the right to vote for. I will not demand anything here, I will only ask that people take a step back and ask themselves if this is really fair.


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              Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

              I'd just like to pose the question: how does this change inhibit or degrade the "quality of life" of the casual TGer? The leaders of the more casual squads still have a significant voice in the upper guild ranks, and the casual players can keep doing their thing (running 5-mans, questing, socializing, etc.). These things have gone unchanged. The main goal here was to give the guild a better chance to also succeed at more hard core, end-game raiding. Some of us do care a great deal about that, and it takes a significant amount of planning, structure and care to make that work. We believe that we can still "coexist".

              Many possible changes were brought up during the planning process, and this one won out specifically because it best addresses the needs/desires of the casual members of the guild. So I would also ask that you all step back, as the original post requests, and think objectively about how these changes will truly impact you.


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                Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

                Crim, you make some good points, one thing though is this. Personally, I think a guild is more like a business than anything. (of course it isn't there to make money but the structure is there) the reason I say this is because if you have to many heads or to many people saying things then there is no movement and nothing gets done. There needs to be a structure and trust in those that have taken the active role in becoming officers or GM's. They only difference between the city and business is that every 4 years there is a vote on who makes the decisions. Also remember in a town everyone may express their voice but doesn't mean it will change anything. The choice still remains with the city council and mayor. Personally I feel that these changes are not that big and just moving things around.



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                  Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

                  Shiro, if you want to look at the guild as a business then I guess I will answer this way. In every supervisor course I have ever taken and the TQM (Total Quality Management) course that I have taken they teach you that as a company your greatest asset is your employee. They teach you to get the imput of your employees so they feel like they are part of the team and that they feel like they have imput into the decisions that are made that effect their work and or life. A happy employee is going to do a better job thus you will have better customer satisfaction. As a guild it should work no differently. If you truly value your employees/guildies, then you should get their imput and make them feel like they are a part of the team. There is no team here. This is 2 or 3 people putting people into positions without any guild imput. Sorry but I can't agree with this decision and doubt I ever will.
                  Gavin, let me give you a hypothetical situation. Let's say that you had a person who was one of the recently made officers. Someone who you felt didn't carry himself in a way that you thought was representing TG in a positive way. Shouldn't you have the right to have imput on rather this person is an officer that represents this guild and TG?


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                    Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

                    To answer some questions that I'm sure others are asking...

                    This is a copy of my reply to an officer in the Officer forums:

                    How do you plan to be known more prominently for our commitment to end-game activity? What changes do you foresee are going to be made for this to happen?
                    By promoting TG as an end-game guild...or at least that we will be striving to be one. We will try to set the many squads up for success in WotLK with information and structure that will help them get a good head start after the expansion hits. Recruitment also factors in here as we need to fill out holes within squads that are having a hard time running consistently. These holes need to be declared by the squad leaders, then passed onto the recruiting officers without the recruiting officers having to constantly ask.

                    How do you plan to drive success?
                    Encourage it. Give the resources necessary to clean up the guild a bit (where information is stored, etc). Squads control themselves in the end, but the guild needs to be able to provide a good atmosphere for their well-being. This also includes providing a good environment for casual players.

                    We do this by allowing a person that can only raid once a week to still have a home within a squad (squad's ultimate decision because 9 or 24 other players are involved and could benefit or suffer from this). We will also be doing this with some more activities. I'll be pushing for these again, like I did last time I was GM. Luna, Ricca, and even Jandreyn are excellent choices based on past help in this department.

                    Why did you make the choices you made? How did you come to decide who and who you didnt want as officers?
                    Past discussions. I looked at all the current officers. I wanted a small group of rational people that would toss ideas around that wouldn't get easily offended at each other or take it to heart. Emotions slow the process down and someone gets hurt. We don't need that...this is a game.

                    I definitely want all the squad leaders close to the officer group...and the officers will be present within the new Corporal forums. I think, in the end, this will work out. Currently, we rarely have issues that need to be tossed up for a higher opinion. Most decisions are made on the squad level, and this is excellent. That will not change. The officer group is focused on TG's image and long-range planning and basic maintenance of the guild resources. The Corporals are making sure their squad's needs are met.

                    How do you plan to counter acting this kind of thinking that this guild is now run by Resurgent or Defiant and that the casual members might feel left out or demoted?
                    How is this any different than the High Council we had? All those were members of Resurgent. Yes, the faces have changed, and yes those people are more focused on end-game for their progression. The Officer group, however, is there to provide support to the guild...and they all know that.

                    How do you want us to handle questions from guild members?
                    Refer them up if you want to, but answer them if you can. Obviously this happened fast. Obviously we all don't know all the answers. Just be honest. Let them know how you feel anout it and what your concerns are.

                    At the same time you are answering the public, I'd hope that you'd also bring those issues up to the officers as well so we can attend to any holes that might exist. No change is perfect...


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                      Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

                      One thing I want to add to the 2nd to last question concerning Resurgent...I understand that this guild is vast and has a wide-variety of people and pursuits in it. If all officers are of the squad, then how can they know the opinions of all the subsets of the guild? They can't. The officers are responsible for listening to the needs of the guild and providing for those needs. In the present situation, we are using squad leaders to speak for their respective squads' needs. This will continue, just in a forum that is seperate from the brainstorming of solutions to these needs.

                      What has happened, so far, is a separation of officers. This hasn't happened because the officers weren't worthy of being officers. This was mentioned several times in the past year in the officer forums and/or in the High Council meetings. It isn't necessary to have so many officers. What is the purpose of having squad leaders as officers? The original purpose was to have a direct line of communication with officers, both up and down. It helped that we had several officers that were also squad leaders. We want squad leaders to manage their people, not the entire guild.

                      The officer forums currently are being used for Squad leaders to have access to each other, the GM , and High Council. This is changing in format, but not purpose.

                      Also, someone might ask "How will this affect me?" This seems to be the most appropriate question. Nothing will change. If anything does change, it will be TG's image on the forums and the recruits that come to us because we embrace the values of maturity, teamwork, and hard work. Squads will function the same. Issues will be solved the same way.

                      And if I haven't said it already. I'm sorry for being so quick and final on this decision. This wasn't ill-conceived on my part. There are no ill-intentions. I want to refocus the guild and provide for all aspects of this guild while drawing us closer as a community within TG. We need to stop thinking of this as a guild and more of a community. We are bigger than that. We provide so much more than other guilds...


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                        Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

                        Crim, you know yes that is true but you don't ask the employees who they think should be a supervisor or the ceo.. that is left to the higher ups. You may ask them what you think can be done to make your environment better, and they may ask you what the leaders can do to make working or your environment better but if they make choices they make choices in what they think will help the business or environment. ALl Talara is doing is letting us know that changes are being made.



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                          Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

                          Shiro, true but this isn't a comapany. You said you thought of it as a company but it's not. This is a guild where all people pay a fee to play the game. I only think it fair that everyone have a voice and a vote on who we all feel would represent this guild and TG as a whole.


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                            Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

                            Maybe I'm missing something but it doesn't appear that much is different. The people at officer and corporal levels are still the same people that have been involved with leadership in this guild for a long time now. Talara's restructuring doesn't seem heavy-handed. It doesn't seem like its going to affect anyone in a negative way. I'm not worried that I couldn't be able to go to Talara or any of the officers with a question or concern or idea or initiative and get an honest response. I've always felt that the people at the top here really do want to see TG succeed. I don't see it being different now.

                            Personally I'm excited that people are thinking ahead and trying to do what they can to get everyone prepared for the next xpac.
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                              Re: Restructuring/Redefining Our Guild

                              I don't see that these changes are huge enough to warrant some big guild wide teamspeak meeting or voting. Things should basically operate the same as far as the day to day affairs of the squads. Talara is implementing some changes that should facilitate the operation of the forums and the officer structure. Frankly I'm glad to see him taking charge and providing some overdue and much needed leadership.




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