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    I recently started playing WoW to find a bit less time demanding / casual friendly MMO due to my RL becoming more demanding of my time. I picked the server my neighbor played on without doing much research. Ended up on a PVP server and leveled a toon to 70.

    I see that TG apparently has a strong WoW presence, so I started a character on Thunderhorn. My main question is if I applied, are there many people leveling up alts or something where I could sometimes grab a group?

    Also, after I hit outland I'll basically be playing with my first character on this server. Are there many people running regular instances? After I hit 70, does TG have people that run the regular level 70 instances / heroics? My character will obviously need alot of work after 70 to even think of going into Kara and beyond. Are there others in the guild in the same situation?

    I'm thinking I would like to apply while I'm leveling up anyway just because I would guess the quality of guild chat would go up X1000 :)

    Lastly, would it be OK to pop into some of the TS channels and just kinda listen in to what you guys are up to?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Quick question

    Hey there, Loktight!

    The truth is that the majority of people in TG are 70, so the number of people in the process of leveling, depending on who's working on alts, tends to be relatively minute. There are a couple of new folks from the TG community who are leveling new characters to join us, though, and I think you would find companionship with them. The rest of us are here and happy to help whenever we can, but we spend a large portion of our time raiding so our time is limited.

    You're more than welcome to join us while you're leveling, though. By all means, fill out an application and we'll shoot an invite your way. You're also absolutely welcome to hop on TS and listen in and chat with us. If we're in the middle of a raid (we use the Raid channels when raiding) we won't be able to chat, but at any other time you're more than welcome to chime in.

    Look me up on TS or in game (Lunatg) and I'll happily walk you through the ropes around here.

    Great to have you with us, Loktight!




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