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An apology and my return

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  • An apology and my return

    As some might have heard, I have returned to Thunderhorn, and as such I wanted to come by and put behind any bad feelings that might still exist.

    First, I wanted to apologize for the way that my departure happened. I know my sudden decision to leave upset people, and I can understand that. My decision hurt not only people's feeling but I hurt the guild by leaving the way I did. For that I am sorry and I hope people can forgive me.

    In the end, I needed a change, as my stress level had reached a breaking point, and the opportunity presenting itself was too inviting. In the end it wasn't what I expected and I decided that I wanted to spend more time with Kel instead of playing 7 days a week and left the game. I only returned to play with some friends.

    I know there was a bit of an upheaval when I left, but based on the forward motion of the guild at the time, and the success of squads and platoons since, its clear that my departure was quickly passed over thanks to great leadership from those who stepped up.

    All this said, I am sorry for the trouble and bad feelings that I caused, and I hope that people will be willing forgive me for those things.

    That said, I am mostly playing now to have fun with friends. I would like to raid again but my priority is just having fun with the game. I have no desire to lead anything again, I don't need that stress in my entertainment anymore, but I am more than willing to provide any info I have to those who do lead at their request.

    Finally, if anyone has any problems that they feel need to be addressed, please let me know. I am happy to talk through any problems people still have with me.

    I hope we can put any bad feelings and problems in the past and move forward having fun.
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    Re: An apology and my return

    Though I was one of the most vocal critics of his decision at the time, I am very happy to welcome Sajier back to Tactical Gamer. Individual relationships must still be mended and trust must be rebuilt, but I look forward to once again having him within our ranks. I have many fond memories playing this game with Sajier and have missed his contributions to our guild in the months he’s been gone. I’m glad to see Sajier make this post to provide closure on this episode and am anxious to continue moving towards our goal of end-game success for Tactical Gamer with him on board.
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      Re: An apology and my return

      Welcome back, bro. Though your leaving certainly didn't make my life any easier at the time, I always understood your choice and could sympathize. Sure, it could have been executed a bit better, but the kind of frustrations you were dealing with often leads to imperfect actions. I don't hold it against you.

      As Trow said, you've contributed a lot to TG, and I'm glad that you can now contribute more. I'm looking forward to getting you back into our raids as I've always found that you're a skilled and dedicated player... just the kind we need to be successful.

      So again, welcome back, Saj. Good to have ya.


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        Re: An apology and my return

        Welcome back indeed. Guess we will all need a second chance at some point. I'll be needing mine soon...mwuhuhaha.

        But yea, welcome back and make yourself at home.


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          Re: An apology and my return

          Welcome back Saj. As far as I'm concerned its all water under the bridge. Good to see you with the right tag under your name and I look forward to grouping with you again soon.
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            Re: An apology and my return

            Welcome back Saj!


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              Re: An apology and my return

              Welcome back Sajier.


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                Re: An apology and my return

                Welcome back, Sajier. Thanks for taking the time to say something about your departure.


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                  Re: An apology and my return


                  will I say welcome back, will I say OH I am glad to have you back.. The answer is no. I am glad that you are back in the sense you will make the guild stronger. However I just want you to realize when you left, the guild did have some problems but we did move on and become stronger and I want you to realize that we did this without you. I hope you realize that, you will never experience our first MH kills or BT kills, you will not experience our Al'lar kills or anything like that but you will experience the feelings that you took the easy road and left your so called friends high and dry. I will forgive but can I forget I don't know. YOu know the old saying, once bitten twice shy? If this bothers some people I am sorry, I am not going to flower my response like some people did when I know what was happening when Sajier left. Like I said. I will forgive for people have to do what they believe is best for them, for it is a game, but it will take some time for me to trust and regain the respect that I once had for you.



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                    Re: An apology and my return

                    I, for one, am glad to have Sajier back among us. For one, he's probably the reason that I am in TG, and I'm probably not alone there. He's an amazing asset regardless of how he wants to apply himself. In my mind, he's a leader second to well as a better than average member of any group.

                    Having come from a leadership role in another guild, as well as holding said position beside Sajier, I can understand the stress that was on his shoulders as a raid leader. While I think the situation and exact exit could have been handled better, I do not hold a grudge because it is a tough job to manage so many other people's individual issues such as gear & avalability, plus researching and implementing all of the progress we made while he was with us. Some leaders do not want to be leaders all the time. Sometimes, they just want to be one of the crew. It's much less stress, and makes for a good break.

                    Much progress for the guild on a whole has been made since Sajier left. Yes, the raiding continued on. Yes, we're in the higher instances that he had nothing to do with getting us to...directly. I believe that everyone currently in Resurgent, and possibly the rest of the guild, owes Sajier their thanks for the work he did to get the 25's together.

                    Just my two cents.
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                      Re: An apology and my return

                      Welcome back nub. Cya in game!
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                        Re: An apology and my return

                        Well I just found out you were back heh. Water under the bridge, good to have ya back. Just not again newb!
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                          Re: An apology and my return

                          Welcome back Sajier,

                          Having been in a leadership role with raiding guilds in the past I know that WoW can completely take over your life. An incredible amount of time and effort is needed to make the guild function and raids be successful. This stress can become completely overwelming especially when the guild is not progressing like you had hoped. So I understand why you left at the time but I know it hurt some feelings as well. Thanks for your contributions in the past. I only raided with you in fate at the time and your leadership pushed us through clearing Karazan at a time when the squad almost fell apart.

                          I want to take a moment to thank all the squad, platoon and guild leaders for your dedication and devotion to Tactical Gamer. The skies the limit with the excellent leaders we have in Tactical Gamer.
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                            Re: An apology and my return

                            I'm afraid I'm with Shiro on this one. I did not and will not appreciate someone as deep and respected as you were to just suddenly up and leave just because the grass looked greener on the other side, so to speek. That is simply not what this guild is about. Never has and as can be seen by all players, it never will be.

                            As a leader saj I greatly respected you and well still respect what you did. It takes a great deal of mental strength to pull together these raids time and time again. But no matter what difficulties come up, you DO NOT leave the friends that followed with you into some of the best content this game has to offer, nor do you EVER leave friends such as these. It was something I personaly came to see very quickly in this guild. That there are friends that will be there for you untill the end of time.

                            Though, I can and will come to forgive your actions in time, it will take some effort, believe me, to regain my trust and full respect as a person. As a man though, I tip my hat to you for appologizing to everyone like you did and posting and speeking with dignity and respect to us all, as well as yourself.

                            Thank you.

                            Overall, welcome back to Tactical Gamer Sajier. Please remember that even though life gets us down and way to over stressed, ultimately at the end of the day all you have is family and friends to share your days, moments of life, and memories with :). You have both here. Don't forget so easily next time <(^-^)> <3





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