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[Goblinish]: For all my homies!!!

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  • [Goblinish]: For all my homies!!!

    HI ! ^(^-^)^ !!

    Sorry for the extreamly.... extreamly sudden disapearance and long one at that. ... Though...unfortunatly i'm sure your all getting used to it -_- sigh.. Believe me that is not my wish. Once again the bills piled up on me from my now > cursesandcusses (3) morecursesandcusses < roomates leaving me with these rather large billz. In the last 2 weeks I have moved my entire appartment into a storage locker and lived out of my car for a day untill my brother and a friend convinced me to swallow my pride and come back to my grandma ..... ugh... believe me ...issues... with the not ever having to move back to the grandma's house thing ... but alas bills must be payed. So my grandma helped convince me to come back for a couple months and get all these friggin bills payed, and find a cheeper appartment.

    Well, in the last week I finaly caught a bit in the bizz world and just snagged a small manager position at the local dollar tree. It's only 25-35 hours a week but it's a heck of a lot more than working for 6 hours at pizza hut busting my but and walking out most nights with $8 in my pocket. If I was lucky I walked with 30-45 bucks. Sigh.

    Long story short, I am slowly working my way back to freedom of these bills and getting my life back in order. I plan on getting this dollar tree job under my belt, quitting pizza hut, getting a different server job for 1-2 nights a week and finishing off my Associates so I can start building my Hobby Shop within the next 3-4 years.

    Hopefully, once I get the bills payed and a new appartment... and some steady income, I can come back to my beloved society of favorite people <3.

    Seriously missing you guys,
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    Re: [Goblinish]: For all my homies!!!

    Hope to see you back soon! I'm considering coming back with the Expansion, mostly because I GOTTA TRY SHADOWDANCE & MURDER SPREE! lol Hope everything goes well for you!! :row__593:

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      Re: [Goblinish]: For all my homies!!!

      Was wondering where you went again. Silly shaman, get things in order and I'll see you in game when you get the chance. Maybe we can get a few "full" runs in again like old times :row__536:

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