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Jobs : A call out for help! o_o

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  • Jobs : A call out for help! o_o

    As most know I've had problems in the past with getting a job that will support the bills. Recently I've been really, really down trying to think of different jobs that I could pull that would allow me to have my night free for playing around on the computer or whatever else I may need / want to do.

    So then I realized, "Well duh, I have a whole team of people that somehow manage to do this successfully".

    So for those of you that are of the working class and live on your own... How do you do it? :) Seriously... what is it that you do if I may ask?

    So far all I can get are jobs (even managing) for a 2nd shift that has me working between 4pm-11pm ish or later, which leaves me absolutely no chance of getting into raids or really much of anything else beside the random battleground encounters/grinding. And of course I have little to NO control over my schedule. I never ever know which days I will be working the next week. I've never been able to find a job (besides factory work) that has the option of a set schedule.

    So short of asking for specific days off every week (which is not an option I can afford) I just don't know what to do? Any advice?

    [Edit]....sososososoososo.... yeah just reread it and noticed all them.. oh well. :D

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    Re: Jobs : A call out for help! o_o

    Unfortunately the evening shifts are all that is usually available. Try getting a job that allows you every other weekend off maybe. They do that at Movie Gallery for me, I work Tuesday Night, Sunday Night and then the next week I work Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. That way I have at least every other Saturday Off and I don't have to work Friday Nights because I do the Sunday. It's not much, but it supports my Magic the Gathering and LARP habits. That might help a little bit. =)

    Edit: I find it interesting that we have 76 views, only 1 reply, and it's from the guy who doesn't even play this game anymore. I hope you're able to find something that works out Star.
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      Re: Jobs : A call out for help! o_o

      The vast majority of folks who raid with us tend to work 9-5 jobs. Personally, I'm a full time student, but prior to that I was working as a Teacher's Assistant, which had me working from about 7:15 to 2:30. Nice, clear schedule for raiding. Go, school systems!


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        Re: Jobs : A call out for help! o_o

        Luna's got a good point, try to find a nice 8-5 or 9-5 job. Sometimes Real Estate offices will have Secretary positions open for individual agents, maybe try there. =)

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          Re: Jobs : A call out for help! o_o

          this might not be up your alley (no pun intended), but i drive a taxi from 4a - 3p monday thru friday. its fun as hell, and i have lots if . . "interesting" stories to tell.

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            Re: Jobs : A call out for help! o_o

            Nothing your gonna find is gonna allow you to spend the time you would like on here Starr, trust me I've looked...and looked...and looked. Yes the crap jobs do, but you get bummed out on work and want to quit, which leaves you no money for game time.

            I would look into a Movie store, pet store, shoes store? clothing? things like that. Avoid fast food, your gonna get angry with the people there, far more than--NO WE DON'T HAVE THE SHOE IN BLACK! :P

            Although I've only worked in the clothing portion of that, I've worked a lot of factory jobs, it sucks to work from 6 a - 2:30 p+--up by 4:30, home sometimes as late as 5:00 due to "Ohh hey we are working 10 hours today" an hour before we're supposed to get off, and if you work in a factory like i do, your so tired you come home shower, crash--wake up raid--go to sleep--forget to eat, rinse repeat with a FAST turkey/ham/chicken sandwich made in the mornings--1 to eat then, one for the lunch at work.

            Ya my schedule is rough, my weekends I have off, and I spend them with my wife-to-be always. I get to enjoy both sides of my fun though, my games, and my lovely Mexicana! Yours will be games and school, no wooomanz for joo!
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              Re: Jobs : A call out for help! o_o

              lol seems I'm not the only one having a hard time of it ;P Yeah I tried the factory thing for, oh um, > 1 < day then decided it wasn't' for me. Living that life style + trying to get classes / manage diabetes wasn't working for me ;P. So yeah it's really just trying to find a job thats open from early morning to afternoon. That would be AwSoMe. That way I could just take a couple night classes and do whatever else I need to do in the night. Course the trick is I'm trying to find somewhere to get some Hobby Shop experience in there somewhere. Unfortunately the shops around here are sticklers and just don't hire people ever... (again ..flint thing).

              Guess it just comes down to moving out of the area... Sigh. Meh, I can struggle with the poopy evening jobs for now I suppose until I have enough cash to move away from this city and finish out my classes then start gathering suppliers for my shop :) We shall see. Though of course that method leaves little to no time to raid. Gah.

              I'll just keep trying. Thanks guys :)

              (keep posting ideas XD they help!)


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                Re: Jobs : A call out for help! o_o

                I've always worked in corporate America so I'm not sure I'm all that qualified to give advice on this. It would seem to me that working retail is probably your best option. If the economy in your area is depressed, your best bet may honestly be to move to a better location, assuming you have that sort of flexibility (which you may not). Flint, MI is not likely to rebound economically anytime soon. But what about Lansing, or Grand Rapids, or Ann Arbor? You're likely to have a much easier time locating work in these areas while still staying relatively close to home. Coming to Chicago is an option too; you'd be hard pressed to not find work here.
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                  Re: Jobs : A call out for help! o_o

                  I'd say 'Move to Canada' but that would be a bad idea. I'm getting really annoyed with the lack of work available up here, but that's just because I'm picky (I will not work in another call center ever again.) and i'm also (though this is REALLY hard to believe) over-experienced. I applied for a grunt job at a grocery store a week or two ago, just so i have somewhere to work (and to get away from the call center i'm in) while i wait for something else to pan out, and I got a call from the manager the next day telling me that he didn't need anybody with 3 years of Supervising/Managerial experience. I mean... WTF.. i ASKED for a position lifting stuff...

                  My problems aside... *cough* As usual, Wintrows summed up the best option... retail.. if not in your area, another one for sure.

                  Good luck, Star :)

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                    Re: Jobs : A call out for help! o_o

                    Star, since it seems you are looking to open your own shop someday, getting your feet wet with retail would probably be a good idea. Don't limit your options to that specific niche. Check out the local malls. Very often the customer service desks will keep a listing of all the stores that have positions open - if not even posted on the mall's website. Even though the Back to School season is in full swing in many areas, stores will continue to keep their eyes out for help for the Holiday season.

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                      Re: Jobs : A call out for help! o_o

                      Welp, I got myself a Assistant Manager position with the local Dollar Tree :) It's a decent sized store, not huge but not small. The position is a 25-35 hours/week job (yeah I know it's kinda low but heck around here it's a Godsend). So I figure store up some monies and experience here and pay off my nasty little bills then later after I have about 1,000-2000 saved I'll move out to Grand Rapids. It looks like my lil bro might be looking at colleges out there so it would be a good excuse to move out that way ;P

                      Thanks again guys :D Your all confirming what I had in mind so it's a big relief to know that I'm not totally crazy in thinking to head down the road of retail and such :)

                      Thanks yall :D

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