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  • Good hunting

    After a bit of housekeeping Dewi is retiring.

    "In the night, and overhead a shovel of stars for
    keeps, the people march:
    'Where to? What next?'"
    Carl Sandburg

    Que el ultimo apaque la luz (Seatle 1970)

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    Re: Good hunting

    I will miss you and the Bug!

    Good luck in RL!
    Lub it on!!!


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      Re: Good hunting

      Will miss you Dewi, hop on to TS often and talk to us!

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      Salelen: 70 Discipline Priest | Jadrek: 70 Arcane Mage
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      Celendra: 45 Combat Rogue

      I had it all! I had it all and then I lost it. Lost... all gone... like... my mind. My mind is like... cheese. I like cheese.


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        Re: Good hunting

        My Friend

        I hate to say good-bye
        Yet we have to say farewell
        For we shall meet again
        That I can foretell

        We will miss you.
        The definition of insanity:
        Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.


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          Re: Good hunting

          I'm going to miss you two:(

          Fortunately, I have years of fond memories from the pre-BC days (DM, Strat, Scholo and all the Blackrock spire runs) and all the recent BC adventures.

          Best of luck Dewi & June!


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            Re: Good hunting

            There's no words. Even in the few months I've had the pleasure to get to know you, you've been a wonderful friend. Good luck to you in everything you do, and I'm gonna hold onto the hope that maybe, someday, circumstances will come around that bring you back to us.
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              Re: Good hunting

              Dewi, you already know my thoughts and feelings on this.

              Don't be a stranger. Come talk to us any time at all. As Beep was always fond of saying, we'll leave a candle in the window for you.

              Level 80 Warrior
              Level 74 Priest


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                Re: Good hunting

                You will be missed, to be sure, but it'll be a welcome pleasure to stay in touch via TS and forum.


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                  Re: Good hunting

                  What a tremendous loss of such a fine fellow. Dewi, I wish you the best and it was a pleasure gaming with you and June.


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                    Re: Good hunting

                    Have fun. You will be least...if I ever login again I will miss you :)

                    June coached me through my first 10 man raid...UBRS. I was such a clueless pally. Now I'm still clueless, but less so!

                    Be good.


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                      Re: Good hunting

                      I wish you and June the best!! Maybe one day you can pop in and say hi :).
                      Gigan - Shaman (Resto)
                      Pistos - Semi-retired Shadowpriest
                      ...and other distractions of various levels.


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                        Re: Good hunting

                        I'm sorry to see yo go Dewi. I hope that you have a good time in that 24 hour raid I keep hearing about: real life. Don't be a stranger though

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                          Re: Good hunting

                          Dewi i hate to see you go but it is understood why you have to do it but i will miss you anyway. Dont forget to hop on TS once in a while to say hello to us..
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