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Suggestion for Squads and Platoons.

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  • Suggestion for Squads and Platoons.

    Suggestion for Squads and Platoons.

    Please read this thread first: Dispersing the Guild Bank's gold.

    Along the lines of dispersing the guild funds to each squad, I'd like to suggest the following:

    Each squad should house their own bank.
    This may seem like we're further dividing ourselves away from the guild as a whole, but it isn't intended that way. I'll use Defiant as an example because we've been doing this for awhile now. Defiant has a toon called DefiantBank owned by Gaviin. All Defiant members have an alt that is a member of DefiantBank's guild.

    We've come up with an assembly line for the manufacturing of potions. Players will deposit materials for health/mana potions or just the potion itself. Then our Alchemists and Engineers will process the materials into Potion Injectors. All players can then withdraw a stack of potion injectors when needed. We all trust each other, so the system has proved highly useful and easy. This is one example.

    Another example is allowing withdraws for repairs. Smaller groups mean easier monitoring of funds. The squad/platoon leader could specify on a given night that the repair bill will be paid for by the squad/platoon. The leader would specify an amount (like 20g) and then players would be allowed to withdraw that money from the squad bank and send it to their main. It sounds like a hassle, but how hard is it to switch over to a character these days and get to a guild bank? Monitoring should be easy enough with the logs in-game and online via the armory. If any abuse the system, they face corrective actions within the squad/platoon.

    The only drawback to this system is things which shouldn't sit in a squad or platoon's bank and should instead reside in the guild's bank. These items are things which won't be used immediately or by most people. It would have greater use by the guild at large and wouldn't stagnate in the squad/platoon bank. I think of the Darkmoon Faire Cards/Decks in this manner.

    Things like food, rarely used potions, and scrolls would still be housed by the guild bank, as well as most of the items that are currently placed in Tab 1 of the guild bank.

    As for tabs that would be left empty by the platoons placing items within their own banks, we would use that space for newly developing squads until they get a foothold and trust amongst their ranks.

    What to do with the new Guild money that is being dispersed?
    • Buy Guild Bank tabs for your squad/platoon.
    • Supply your squad with needed potions.
    • Pay for leader requested respecs.
    • Pay for repairs after certain encounters.
    • Purchase needed materials for upcoming encounters. (Like [item]Heart of Darkness[/item])



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