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  • Thinking Main Character Swapping???

    I just wanted to let everyone know, and remind them, if they are even considering doing a main character swap, this patch will be the perfect time, here's why;

    Most in our guild have done up through a portion of TK/SSC+

    I pugged everything below those with anywhere from 4-10 people--KZ/ZA/mags/gruuls, all that.

    I want people to consider if your thinking hard on changing your class, I earned a bazillion Badge of Justices in no time, if you wanna gear out an alt super quickly, think about those old T4 content instances--and BoJ gear is basically T5/6+ You can gear your character out in time for the expansion and rock the heads off those mobs you see right off the bat, if you haven't experienced those instances before, kinda new to 70? kinda new to the raiding thing? Perfect opportunity to get great gear, and have fun smashing this stuff. Other people who already have this stuff and aren't switching also think about this;

    I know to some the achievements aren't important, but I did Ony/MC/BWL/Naxx/ZA/ZG/KZ/Mags/Gruuls/TK/SSC/Hyjal(4/5)BT(7/9)--Kazzak--Doomwalker--all 4 of the world dragons-- in 2 days, playing maybe 8-10 hours between the 2 days

    For those nights we just can't get a raid together, lets not forget those instances aye? OLD fun times to be remembered or experienced for the first time, now AQ wasn't opened on the PTR, but there were some actually trying. Those are also a couple instances there that we're awesome.

    Just giving people some things to think about...cause your opportunities are gonna open up well real soon here.

    Doomkin...Tree...or Bear. If your not the above, your not cool! *Note* Alts don't count....

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    Re: Thinking Main Character Swapping???

    sounds good to me we could put togther a few grps to run old school for a weekend and just run people through.




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