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  • Halarious....

    So yeah, I've been playing this for 5 months or so...and wow just got back to be a part of it, but at a small percentage of the time I play this other game.

    New MMO!!!!
    Doomkin...Tree...or Bear. If your not the above, your not cool! *Note* Alts don't count....

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    Re: Halarious....

    Lol fully pvp....

    Tarma: 80 Enhancement Shaman | Koliana: 70 Balance Druid
    Salelen: 70 Discipline Priest | Jadrek: 70 Arcane Mage
    Kerowhyn: 67 Retribution Paladin | Talenoth: 69 Unholy Death Knight
    Caldac: 60 Beast Master Hunter | Kamina: 58 Protection Warrior
    Celendra: 45 Combat Rogue

    I had it all! I had it all and then I lost it. Lost... all gone... like... my mind. My mind is like... cheese. I like cheese.


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      Re: Halarious....

      haha, that's pretty good, in fact i'm playing it right now!


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        Re: Halarious....

        bah, too much class imbalance. back to wow


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          Re: Halarious....

          I checked that one out, but there are some serious issues I have with it...

          - You have no real choice in setting up your character initially
          - If you die, you can't just get a rez
          - KB's are frowned upon and actually cause you to lose honor instead of gaining it (though you do get rep w/ a couple of factions)
          - no cost to play? about 1/2 the total time is questing for gold just to survive
          - there's generally only 1 or 2 dailies that you have to repeat over and over and over
          - The entry level dungeon takes 12 years to complete, and if you choose to raid, the entry level raid usually takes 4 years!
          - skill plays a small part in the opportunity to advance your character. Much of it is predetermined at character generation by which guild you're born into.
          - Rogues can pickpocket you, and steal from your bank




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