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  • Gaze AFK?

    For those of you who have missed me don't worry Im coming back. I finallly closed on my new house and spent last week moving and getting everything squared away. I should be ready to go from here on out.

    On another note I think Pistos and his friends might have thought about taking me out last weekend..... My poor girlfirend was freaking out...

    Mind you my girlfriend is relatively new so she still doesnt really know how addicted to WOW I am. So this weekend I explained my friend from WOW (Pistos) is coming into town and wants to go out for drinks. Initailly she was very apprehensive that we were meeting up with "some guy I met on the internet". We made several jokes including "what if this is a set up from To Catch a Predater and Pistos is really a 12 year old girl..LOL". Anyways after I explained the situation and that we had been playing this game together for years she seemed to calm down.

    So we met up with Pistos and his friends. I took them down to Carnival Court on th strip and had a great time drinking and gambling. I got hammered and I think I got them hammered too. We dropped them off at their hotel and headed home.

    So I wake up the next morning to find a 5 inch blade in the back seat of my car where Pistos had been sitting o.O Im really glad I showed him a good time or else....LOL
    "Uhhhh.... Try this HOT and let me know how it goes."

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    Re: Gaze AFK?

    Ohhhhh dem Pisstoes....looks out fo dem!!!
    Lub it on!!!


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      Re: Gaze AFK?

      Baby J speaks the truth!

      Me and a couple guys from work were out there and when I mentioned that I had a friend that we could go out with and explained how I knew him they were a bit apprehensive too - saying things like "So is he gonna want to go back to his mom's basement to play WoW?" and "Will he be dressed like a wizard?".

      We definitely all had a great time, drank a bit, gambled a bit, etc. Somewhere there's casino video footage of me walking around Harrah's for 20 minutes trying to find my way back from the bathroom to the bar and blackjack tables we were hanging out at. Gaze's gal was kind enough to drive a bunch of drunk idiots around.

      Thanks again for chilling with us man - glad to hear you had fun too. Sorry about the rip in the back seat - that knife was meant for Carrot Top.
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        Re: Gaze AFK?

        I have had Pistos over my house for a raid, he is as scary as you think he would be :)

        JK, Pistos rocks! :)
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