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  • Curious before committing..

    Hey guys!!! Its been forever and a few days..i hope some buddies of mine are still here! I'm curious as to how the expansion is? Quarter is done in a week and I have been climbing the walls wanting to play....but before coming back i was just wondering how it was before i commit (though you know me..i'm kinda clueless and just like to putz around).
    Hope to see you all soon!
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    Re: Curious before committing..

    The zones are simply amazing. The questing for the most part is interesting (Yay! more digging through poo!). I am enjoying the leveling process immensely.


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      Re: Curious before committing..

      This expansion rocks in every way IMO. I'm taking it slow, like a good glass of red wine, and enjoying the incredible detail and artwork. Quests are fun again - the zones are lush with gorgeous artwork. The 5-mans are quick, etc. Check it out - casual players welcome.


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        Re: Curious before committing..

        hey dream, it's kinda bringing me back in slowly... i had lots of outside stuff (illness) that made it (wow in general) kind of frustrating/laborious... but the expansion is nice, the new class is kind of fun because if you have a high level toon, you get to start one at 55... the quests for the Death Knights are very straigh forward, and "catching-up" to normal players only takes a couple days of questing, where you earn all your talent points, etc... So you don't have to start all the way from lvl 1 to see what it's like..

        Things I don't like are:
        1. They have updated lots of content that I didn't expect, and i'm not sure where/how to catch up easy.
        2. Half of my plugs-ins don't exist anymore or were replaced by in-game Blizzard built-in addons.

        That's it... You should check it out... Also, I just noticed when I came back on that we have a LoTR guild too... :) My poor little toon didn't make it past day 10, but maybe i'll check it out sometime....

        p.s. Thanksgiving at your house rocked! :-) but I forgot to take leftovers home! >:P I'm glad we have two more on Thursday... i'm gonna steal a whole turkey and make it watch Law and Order reruns with me while I chew on it's legs.
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          Re: Curious before committing..

          Dreammy! I think they put more thought into this expansion. The detail in the zones is amazing and some of the quest lines are a lot of fun. Hope to see you back soon.

          Oh...we need an updated picture of the little Miss!! :)

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            Re: Curious before committing..

            Dreamy good to hear from you how are Ran and Mia. What i get to play of it I do like so get your little moonkin tail on soon so we can lvl up.
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