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  • Jewelcrafting plans

    Hey guys, since the crafting site hasn't got any JC recipes up, I thought I'd post the JC cuts I can do on Aes that are not vendor trained, but either instance drop or JC daily token purchases. At the moment, I can do:

    [item]Solid Sky Sapphire[/item]
    [item]Austere Earthsiege Diamond[/item]

    My next purchase will be: [item]Enduring Forest Emerald[/item]

    I'd also like to suggest perhaps that people volunteer to concentrate on certain area of cuts and try to get all the worthwhile cuts from that area (from the JC daily vendor). For example, I'll be pretty much focusing exclusively on tanking cuts on Aestryd until I have all the worthwhile ones. I'm thinking that this would work to avoid overlap between JCs for the daily while working towards getting access to as many gem cuts as fast as possible for the guild as a whole.

    Any thoughts?
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    Re: Jewelcrafting plans

    I need help compiling lists of all the drop/rep recipes. (just need the wowhead item #s)




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