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  • Hi from a fellow Battlefielder

    Hey guys, I've always enjoyed playing with TG in battlefield 2142, and when I noticed you also run a WoW guild I said to myself that I would join you as soon as I got back into WoW.
    The day has come, and I wonder.. may a fellow battlefielder (altough not a very well known one I might add) join you on your adventures?
    I've played warrior, druid and rogue to 70, but I want to go after something different... something ranged this time lol
    Was trying to choose betwen Mage, Priest or Shaman and Im not sure which one to choose (I've never healed before and I would like to try it)

    Leveling and end-game wise (for PvE ofcourse, Im not much of a PvPeer altough I've always played in PvP realms) which one do you think I should choose?

    Btw, I didnt post this in the recruitment thread because it's not actually a recruitment app per se as Im not even lvl 1 yet lol

    I hope to see you in Azeroth =P
    btw, if anyone is willing to start an alt, just let me know and we can level toghether lol

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    Re: Hi from a fellow Battlefielder

    Well hello! First off, we're on the server Thunderhorn. We could always use healers >.>, but apparently they're a pain to level. If you need mats, feel free to ask me, otherwise I throw them on the AH. I offer leather and herbs amongst various other stuff. Hope to see you around :).
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      Re: Hi from a fellow Battlefielder

      I, and likely most of the TGers here on Thunderhorn would be glad to have you playin' in game Red Storm, so please come on over! I have 70s in all the classes you're thinking of playing, and my personal opinion is that Mages are the most fun of the 3 classes you mentioned speaking purely in terms of ranged damage. However, I'd have to say that the shaman is the most fun overall, even if only because of the versatility of the class, so if you don't like healing, or groups don't need healers you can switch to DPS, or vice versa.

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        Re: Hi from a fellow Battlefielder

        True enough, hope you come aboard, also don't forget since this new expansion Druids have become a VERY powerful ranged DPS class, see you in game :P

        On a side note, we could use mages lol
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          Re: Hi from a fellow Battlefielder

          Haha, I loved playing a boomkin, but I've already played it and Im looking forward to play a different class.
          I think I'll go shaman because I love the idea of carrying a shield arround ^^
          I'll contact someone as soon as I create my char =) which is gonna be in arround 10 seconds lol




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