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  • Scale Costuming Help

    I need scales. I can't find anything anywhere on Google.
    I need scales that would be attached to my skin and go around my eyes and then I would need more that go down my neck and throat. I assume it would be close to lizard scales. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Scale Costuming Help

    you need thin plastic...check hardware stores...cut it into the appropriate shape. The more realistic, the more costly/absurd...enjoy.


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      Re: Scale Costuming Help

      Along Talara's line, might wanna search for Sequins.

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        Re: Scale Costuming Help

        how do you plan to attach and how big do you want them to be
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          Re: Scale Costuming Help

          Just one word: Felt

          I know when I'm trolling comicons for the ladies I always use felt to accentuate my glorious buttocks...

          Here's a link to a How-to Make a Children's Crocodile costume -

          If you are sewing savvy, sew together a simple jumpsuit in green. Down the back of the jumpsuit, add felt back scales (cut into large triangular shapes). The felt can be in green but using a contrasting yellow is far more effective.
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            Re: Scale Costuming Help

            Ohhhh P how you dissapoint me so....
            Lub it on!!!




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