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Druid Staves = Hunter Weapons

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  • Druid Staves = Hunter Weapons


    I loled. Basically it seems strength is getting removed so now you have a lot of staves with high agility, stamina, attack power, and crit on them. Some have expertise which I'll ignore.

    [item]Journey's End[/item] -> 87 agility, 114 stam, 228 AP, 57 Crit, 75 haste
    [item]The Undeath Carrier[/item] -> 100 agility, 151 stam, 153 AP, 51 crit

    Those two in particular seem to give the current 'hunter weapons' some serious competiton.
    [item]Black Ice[/item]
    [item]Betrayer of Humanity[/item]
    [item]Cryptfiend's Bite[/item]
    [item]Wraith Spear[/item]
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    Re: Druid Staves = Hunter Weapons

    I already have Undeath Carrier...after I get Journey's End, feel free to get it. I'm sure it will drop a couple more times and no druids will be around.

    [item]Journey's End[/item] is the #1 Kitty Staff
    [item]The Undeath Carrier[/item] is the #3 Kitty Staff


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      Re: Druid Staves = Hunter Weapons

      ooo /drool. where do they drop?
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        Re: Druid Staves = Hunter Weapons

        Last couple bosses in Naxx


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          Re: Druid Staves = Hunter Weapons

          If you're a 74 hunter, grab a pair of [item]Savage Cobalt Slicer[/item]s. Blizzard will nerf the hell out of them with the next patch, but for now they're a great investment.
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            Re: Druid Staves = Hunter Weapons

            Aslong as you dont come after my healin staffs
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