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    "I have taken all knowledge to be my province" - Sir Francis Bacon

    Every now and again I discover that the way I envision the world seems to drastically differ from those around me. Sometimes this means I have a better outlook than the rest, and other times it just means I'm weird. These differences have taught me that communication is the first and foremost most important thing. As such, I sometimes feel that I should spread my views through some available medium to enrich all of our experiences. Sometimes it's because I can help everyone out, and other times it's so that everyone else can screw my head back on straight. :)

    Before I'm overcome with this reoccuring act of insanity, I thought I'd post so that I'm clear in that these little tidbits are just the way I view things. That means you can feel from to post your view and explain why mine is leaping from a plane without a 'chute. I won't be offended; this is how I learn.

    If you find this dissemination of information useful, feel free to request one on an alternate subject. The worst outcome will be that I have no experience with the subject matter. In which case I'll keep my big mouth shut and request a more informed opinion. :)

    First up: Parties!



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