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    This is being posted because the more I play it, the more I realize that this is a complete freak of nature as a class. Due to the sheer amount of options I have at my disposal I'd be willing to bet that I'm not playing it to its full potential. So, I'm going to give the rest of you an idea of just how much I can do.

    First up, I have my curses. While I can only apply one of these to a creep at a time, I've been able to turn the tides of battle with a well cast curse. All of my curses are instant casts. I can use these to lessen a creep's melee damage, slow a creep's casting time, prevent a creep from running, weaken a creep to spell damage, or do additional damage over time. I even have the ability to occasionally amplify the effect of several of these curses.

    Then there's my summons. Each summon has potential to a party. The imp can be used as a simple stamina buff with a damage shield for the other members of the party. I can also have it throw additional spell damage on a creep in a pinch. The voidwalker can be used as an off tank, or even main tank if nothing better is in the party. The succubus can provide crowd control against humanoid creeps, or fairly nice damage. The felhunter(the ugly dog thing) works best against magic casters with higher resistances than the other summons not to mention the ability to remove nasty magical effects from party members that it then uses to heal itself! Oh, and I've yet to play with the different demons that I can bind to my will temporarily.

    I can't forget my ability to juggle hp and mana. I can shift my hp to my mana, or to my summon's hp. I can also steal hp or mana from the creep I am fighting. Green, blue, mine, yours, it's all the same to me! :)

    The downside to all of this is that I'm not very effective at dropping creeps quickly, relying instead on DoTs for the majority of my damage output. I also have to remember to keep soul shards on hand, as most of my summons and several of my spells require them. And, of course, I'm a cloth class. :)

    Some posts on the other classes would be nice, but I've only played most of the rest to level 10 or so. And not recently. So I'm thinking someone who is actively playing a class would be better suited for that. [hint hint] :)



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