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Lirix Logic : Off tanking and targeting

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  • Lirix Logic : Off tanking and targeting

    Due to our high paladin count, this may be the most used tactic in our guild for the forseeable future. So I guess I'd better make this good. :)

    Off tanking is a simple principle. The main tank will engage a creep, and the other tanks will engage the extras or adds as they arrive. Because the creeps are actively engaged, this tactic allows area of effect spells and items to be used with far less concern about gaining any creep's attention.

    The main tank generally engages the creep the party wants dead first. As such the non-tanking party members should engage this creep as well. While clicking on the creep is one method of acomplishing this, it can be unreliable in situations where the creeps are clustered together. Luckily, Blizzard planned for this situation.

    You can use your F2-F5 keys to target members of your party. You can then use the F key to target that party member's creep. F1 will always target you. You can also target any pets in the party with this. If the pets owner is targetted by pressing F3, you would simply press F3 twice to target that pet. And you can assist that pet just like any other member of the party. :) If F is inconvenient, you can rebind it through your keybinding menu. You can also use TAB to cycle through creeps in your general vicinity. Be careful with using TAB in tight indoor settings, however, as it has been known to target creeps with whom you are not actively engaged(sometimes around walls!).

    Targeting can do more than let you assist a party member. Because you target the party member first, it can be used to quickly acquire the party member upon whom you intend to cast a beneficial spell. Off tanks can use it to quickly determine which creeps are already engaged, then use TAB to select a different creep to attack. Crowd controllers can use it in the same fashion to remove unengaged creeps from the fight.

    Just remember the old gunfighting adage when using these keys to target quickly. It's not the fastest gun that wins; it's the most accurate!



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